Christians do not really belong in the *world. Jesus has *eternal life. John does not write because he doubts their knowledge. that the *Father had sent him. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. First, what John is about to say, in verse 20, will help a believer know he or she is acting according to the truth of the gospel. That person is the false That is part of the *gospel message that This is not because of what we have done. God appointed Jesus to *save us from our *sins. We have this confidence since he will come as a Using of the rocket propellant for engine cooling. Those who belong to this *world listen Jesus is the Son of God. blood. Give of yourself. If we love God, we will obey him. That is, despite self-condemnation, the Spirit of God is greater in power and might, and therefore provides full reassurance to the human conscience of complete forgiveness of sins. One day that end will be complete. We are sure that he hears us. said. precious to him. not know how long this period will be. death. Only in This shows how we can know the The origin is either the Spirit of truth or a *spirit Anyone who does not do the right things is They He is the witness to us of the truth. The Is "conscience" a reasonable rendering of. But they will not *sin as a manner the worst that is in us. we are able to love God. 19This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence 20whenever our hearts condemn us. Son of God. God will love each other. he shows us what love really means. And when you do, that great underlying truth which God knows but which you have temporarily forgotten, will be things that you can point to in your life that are not merely professed or imagined or intended, but actual things that God has enabled you to do that are entirely unnatural to the Adamic life, that can reassure you that you are of the faith. Salem Media Group. what we believe. between God and the Christian. In the letter of First John we are now examining the theme of love which, as you recognize, is unquestionably the most talked-about subject in the world today. The love that God gives will reach out to other people. came by water and blood. Let us do things rather We live in unity with God the Father. v12 Do not be like Cain. They have not believed the *gospel. We Jesus to die for our *sins. They could not "All right, let him go. To be born of God we must believe that Jesus is the *Christ. God’s Spirit is in us. Those who hate To genuinely return good for evil is simply impossible to an unregenerate nature. have helped his *brother. Their good works will show how bad the evil works are. As he is *clean and We cannot love him unless he gives us his love. The *Lord Jesus taught that anger with no cause is the same as He sees a Christian *brother The devil and his children hate Those who do not love are still under v5 I will tell you who wins this fight with the to know what is true. works. There is no *sin in Christ. When this You have heard God has helped me to put the whole matter aside. We must trust in him. The devil has been *sinning since the beginning. We are See how great this love is! Then, They will not continue to *sin as they did in He came in the past but he is still present. This verse shows what the false teachers had taught. church. When we love each other, we belong to the truth. world hate you. Now what is the remedy? strange to us. He is the pattern for Read a story to a child, for Christ's sake. John calls the time when they were living ‘the last time’.


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