Amandeep Name Statistics. Many says name of a child may play an important role in character making of a child. Gender of Amandeep. Pages. Spiritual Sikh and Gurbani names in both English and Gurmukhi along with meaning and Punjabi pronunciation. Awesome Inc. theme. Deep English: Deep. Take Online Hukam and get a letter for Naam Karan. The following are some modern and traditional punjabi/sikh girl names. Used in: Arabic speaking countries, English speaking countries, Hindi speaking countries. For example, Tegh Bir Singh or Kirit Niranjan Kaur. Punjabi. View Complete Detail Of name Amandeep , Punjabi Baby Names Amandeep . Fun Suggestion: Start with the base word and then add commonly used prefix or suffix. Amandeep Name Analysis. Rhyming Names of Amandeep: Aadeep, Aakashdeep, Aaravdeep, Abhaydeep, Abhideep. Punjabi. We welcome your input and feedback. Categories: Arabic Names, Hindi Names, Hindu Names, Indian Names, Punjabi Names, Sikh Names. Learn: Gurmukhi to write, Punjabi to Speak English: Gurmukhi, Gurumukhi Also see: Gurmukh Gurmukhi: ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ Hindi: गुरमुखी  ... English: Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Gurmukhi: ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਿਹ! Hindi:  वाहगुरु जी का खाल... English: Arzoe, Arzoi, Arzoee, Arzoie, Arzoyi Gurmukhi: ਅਰਜ਼ੋਈ  Hindi: अर्ज़ोई  Meaning: Humble request, ardaas Punjabi Pronun... English: Agam Gurmukhi: ਅਗਮ Hindi:  अगम   Meaning: Grand, Inaccesible, Unapproachable, Unfathomable Punjabi Pronunciation   ... English: Anhad Gurmukhi: ਅਨਹਦ Hindi: अनहद Meaning: Unstruck melody Punjabi Pronunciation Spiritual Significance ਪੰਨਾ 21, ਸਤਰ 2 ਅਨ... English: Nivaz, Nivaaz, Nawaaz, Navaaz Also see: Nivaaj (different meaning than Nivaaz) Gurmukhi: ਨਿਵਾਜ਼ Hindi: निवाज़ Meaning: Supp... English: Ustat Gurmukhi: ਉਸਤਤ Hindi: उसतत Meaning: Profound regard, praise Punjabi Pronunciation Spiritual Significance ਪੰਨਾ 219, ... English: Kirat, Keerat, Keerath Gurmukhi: ਕੀਰਤ Hindi: कीरत Meaning: Fame or Hyms (depends on context) Punjabi Pronunciation  ... English: Anahat, Anaahat Gurmukhi: ਅਨਾਹਤ Hindi:  अनाहत  Meaning: Unending, without an end Punjabi Pronunciation Spiritual Signific... English: Sidak Gurmukhi:  ਸਿਦਕੁ Hindi: सिदक Meaning: Faith Punjabi Pronunciation   Spiritual Significance Page 83, Lin... English: Samar, Summer Gurmukhi: ਸਮਰ Hindi:  समर Meaning: Mighty Pronunciation Spiritual Significance Ang 744 Line 19 Raag Suhi: G... English: Saihaj, Sehaj, Sehej, Sahj, Sehj Gurmukhi: ਸਹਿਜ Hindi: सहिज Meaning: Tranquility, Balance Punjabi Pronunciation Historica... © Sikh Names and Gurmukhi Words in partnership with Name Detail Of Amandeep With Meaning , Origin and Numorology . There are 1335 Punjabi/Sikh Baby Girl names to choose from. Names are not just for birth days, they are for entire life. Meaning of Amandeep : Used in country/religion : Hindu , Punjabi. By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Sikh Baby Names with their Meaning. Gender: … Having a Amandeep as a friend is a once in a lifetime opportunity even better if he is your bestfriend he will always be there for you and always try to solve problems before his own. Gender : Feminine. Origin of Amandeep Name. 2. Amandeep is punjabi name meaning " Lantern of peace ". Users of this name Sensitive , Somber , Happy , Science Eenthusiast , High ability of Persuasion , Witty. Color of Amandeep name: Blue; Number of letters of Amandeep… Punjabi Pronunciation Spiritual Significance ਪੰਨਾ Origin of Amandeep Name. Analysis of Amandeep. If you'd like to, Credits, copyright and acknowlegement information here. Hindi: दीप. The meaning of the name “Amardeep” is: “Everlasting light; immortal light”. Gurmukhi: ਦੀਪ . Powered by, 3. Choose your child's name carefully. Home; Search By Letter; Naming Convention; Naam Karan; Meaning of a Name; Prefix and Suffix; Search This Site. Amandeep a guy who is selfless, honest, loyal and kindhearted. Amandeep: Meaning: The lamp of peace Gender: Boy: Numerology: 5: Origin: Punjabi: Country: India: Category: Punjabi: Share Amandeep Meaning: Worlds or lamp based on context. Analysis of Amandeep Name High ability of Persuasion , Skilful , Trustworthy , Successful in Business , Creative , Athletic. Fun Suggestion: Start with the base word and then add commonly used, site is being converted to the new and improved blog format. Gender of Amandeep. Color of Amandeep name: Blue; Number of letters of Amandeep… Names Similar to Amandeep : Amani, Amanda, Amani, Amanat, Amanda, Amantha, Amana, Amanda, Amandine, Amani. Look up names by English or Gurmukhi letters. 3. 1. Boy. These Names are Modern as well as Unique. Spiritual Sikh and Gurbani names in both English and Gurmukhi along with meaning and Punjabi pronunciation. Amandeep Statistics. Angelsname - World's Largest Baby Collection . Boy.


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