I've also been told by a forumite that his MM neck fits all of his Strat bodies (Fender, Warmoth, etc.). My son ran into Rev. So I had to cut the fret slots deeper to accommodate regular Fender frets, which was a pain. The satin finish on the back of the neck feels nice, and the edges of the fretboard are already rounded a little bit. I bought a few for $119 and a nicer one with a bird's eye board, reverse headstock and … Verified Purchase. Richard MacLemale was born at a very young age in Rochester, NY. Nice touch on a budget neck. You must log in or register to reply here. The nut is plastic and pre-notched, but you’ll have to do the final shaping and filing on it (, I immediately noticed that the $120 Allparts neck was of a much higher quality. The neck is straight and the shape is what it should be. But I can fix it. All the sellers claim that they fit perfectly. If you’re into working on necks, though, this isn’t a bad place to start – the neck is straight and the truss rod works great. I've always heard that they are crap, but I've recently been tipped off about some that are supposed to be nice (their upgraded models or something). The fretboard itself is thinner than a regular Fender neck. And the frets themselves had relatively small tangs, and the fret slots weren’t cut very deep. THAT said, if you want a GOOD neck by mighty mite… The fretboard itself is about as deep as a regular Fender fret. I can return it, or refret it. I'm doing my own neck finishing w/ Tru-oil ala Music Man w/ a spraycan nitro headstock face, it's easy, cheap and gives amazing results. It will need work before it’s usable. When I found the neck of the guitar was pretty labor intense, I purchased a Mighty Mite Neck for Strat's. Step one will be to remove all of the too-small (and somewhat dented) frets. Listen on Spotify, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, The BEST Way to Practice Guitar 15 Minutes a Day, Fender Stratocaster Vintage vs Two Pole Trem. Stew-Mac is good and competitive in a lot of things. The one area that could stand to get a little better is the nut. the micromesh is best as it can be buffed back if you sell, the scotchbrite takes the finish off for good. I would never pay $160 for a Mitey Mite.If I only had $75 to spend, they're a no brainer. The Mighty Mite necks made today are far better quality than those made a year or two ago. For the price you paid, I'd get an Allparts. I put together a tele using a Mitey Mite neck and a Fender Am Series body. Also take a look at AllParts necks. They're bigger than the neck pocket. Here’s what I can tell you – do not buy one of these necks if you plan on simply dropping it into your Strat. Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone. An hour with some sandpaper and a file and it fits like a glove. Mighty Mite necks don't fit the standard Fender neck pocket. The neck fit the pocket like it was meant to be and the tele turned out great. The frets are not very level. amazing bang for the buck. Anyone looking for a ever so slightly smaller Nocaster size should check out the Allparts FATseries, a killer ballbat style that screams Fender Custom Shop. I take it back – this IS a bad place to start learning how to refret a neck. Buy an actual Fender Strat neck. I’m going to refret it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The frets are nicely finished, and the slotted nut is shaped from PPS plastic with a flat bottom. Mightymite has a 12" radiused neck with Medium ( medium -jumbo is what they call it) sized frets, and they also have some nice birdseye necks with 9.5 radius , and some of these- not all- … Necks is not one of them. Beautiful neck. Where'd you get it? My next project will be a Warmoth roasted ash P body with an Allparts maple / rosewood P neck. Westheimer Corporation is LICENSED by FENDER ® . He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Business, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, and currently works as the District Website Coordinator for Pasco County Schools in Florida. With a refret this neck … The one area that could stand to get a little better is the nut. Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2012. AllParts has a few models that come finished. Really fine quality for about the same price as the Mighty Mites. I bought a Mighty Mite Strat Neck from StewMac. The wood is nicer, the fit and finish is better, the frets are level and they're well finished. The fretboard itself has one or two rough spots. But in doing a refret on this neck, I came across another annoyance. anyone knows how to take the laqeur off the neck? The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. JavaScript is disabled. I was very impressed with the quality and choice of Hardwoods, especially the fingerboard (Indian Laurel has beautiful color and grain). I just finished a Strat build using a MM neck and I’m just starting another one using an Allparts SRO-C. They're bigger than the neck pocket. They’re more money, but they’re not shit. The problem with this is the difference in climate (humidity), the necks shrink a little once back to the american market. It’s a much, much better neck. You can spend $160 - … another happy Allparts customer. I've got a MM neck purchased from Stewmac on my Black Strat. They are very good necks, but should require some levelling and crown/polish by a tech. I had to install a nut though. Every single one. But in doing a refret on this neck, I came across another annoyance. That’s not an uncommon thing – my MIM Telecaster had the same issue. And step three will be to refret using standard medium-jumbo Fender frets. This was not true in the past. I can’t comment on whether the MM will fit a Fender body since I used all aftermarket stuff, but I can say that the MM neck took quite a bit of work to make it playable. I feel bad for anyone who buys one of these necks and puts it in their Strat. I have to say that they look very nice. Every fret end is sharp. The frets needed a level and crown, and the fret edges were very sharp and required a good amount of filing to smooth them out. They’re more money, but they’re not shit. The wood is nicer, the fit and finish is better, the frets are level and they're well finished. As a “drop in” replacement neck, this is a piece of shit. There are small dents in the first three frets, and there are more farther up. I was basing this off the Mighty Mite description, Warmoth are great, but the Allparts I've seen have been nicer than most associate w/ the Allparts name, grab a Warmoth is they got one you like, just dont discount Allparts as a nice neck.


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