Like what you see here? Though previously Taco Bell $5 Box was discontinued on fans’ requests, it is back in a new and better way. This is an opinion column. We tasted and ranked 7 different types of dairy and non-dairy milks. Looking for something a little more substantial but still affordable? As a result, Taco Bell doesn’t fear for much in the coming years. Not only that, but you can add toppings and sauces to this bad boy to take it to the next level that's, unfortunately, above the marketed dollar price. I couldn't really taste them or appreciate the crunch they added, but it was fun that the wrap included at least a few corn chips inside. This burrito features a solid amount of food for just $1. When I visited Taco Bell, they were serving these cinnamon buns instead. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? With the perfect amount of melted cheese to balance the fresh tortilla, this option is one of the best on Taco Bell's dollar menu. This would be a great snack or addition to any lunch. In fact, everything on Taco Bell’s dollar menu really is just a buck, making it super easy to grab a fast snack or put together a customized meal on the cheap. We all know Taco Bell makes the best drunk food, stoner food, and hangover food on earth. Just beware of the slightly spicy kick this cheesy roll has. 4. 5. The nation saw a notable addition to fast-food value menus today: Taco Bell—the chain that is currently testing the waters with a bougie fast-casual restaurant concept—has now decided to go the dollar-menu route. There were two small Dunkin' munchkin-sized pastry balls in the order. That email doesn't look right. Taco Bell is affordable and delicious, and it has almost 300 locations outside of the U.S. with different menu choices based on location. The crunch of the chip accompanied by a pleasant mix of cheese, beans and sauce leads your taste buds to a new level of happiness. 5. It's a valiant effort on the part of Taco Bell, but I think your dollar could be spent on something tastier. Sometimes, you just need something quick and simple, and the Cheesy Roll-Up is just that. There was the right ratio of cheese to tortilla — if there was more cheese stuffed in it would have become nauseating, in my opinion. Eating on a budget? We did a blind taste test of cheap wines from Costco, Target, and Trader Joe's, and one of the losers 'tasted like butter that was left in the garbage', Here's what you should buy at Aldi and what you should avoid, according to people who've shopped there. Their seasoning adds a zing you'd expect from the restaurant, and, paired with the cheese dip, you can't go wrong. With tasty chips, dollops of beans, a respectable amount of nacho cheese sauce, and a hint of red sauce, the dish was undoubtedly flavor-forward. This bowl of nachos earned itself the No. Taco Bell $5 Box is also popularly known as the $5 Cravings Box. Sometimes, you just need something quick and simple, and the Cheesy Roll-Up is just that. I was a little surprised to find that the in-store prices were slightly higher than online (items were $1.29 with the exception of the shredded chicken quesadilla melt at $1.49), but the employee behind the counter informed me that prices are slightly higher in NYC and other markets list items for the advertised $1 — so if you're going to your Taco Bell expecting $1 items, it's smart to call ahead and ask for price confirmation. Nacho Fries are absolutely one of Taco Bell's best dollar menu options. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. The Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla is the choice for you. The Triple Layer Nachos are a true Taco Bell classic, and no list on the dollar menu would be complete without it. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215. pretty close to being vegan if you flex your ordering specifications. I found it was heavy and gooey, but not in a good way. These nachos are easily one of Taco Bell's best dollar menu options. There's one place that's perfect for every occasion– Taco Bell. This looked more like a burrito than a quesadilla to me from the start. We sent Stetson through the Taco Bell drive-thru with a $10 budget, and he came back with one of everything on the Cravings Value Menu, plus change! I went to the fast-food taco joint to taste and rank each item on the basis of flavor and value. There was a little bit of a kick, but it was hiding in the background. In late 2019, Taco Bell announced the release of a new, more expansive dollar menu featuring 21 (yes, 21!) Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, We tried every Oreo flavor we could get our hands on and ranked them from worst to best. 5 Foodie Dating Sites Where You’re Guaranteed to Find Your Next Bae. Cheesy Roll-Up. But for now, let's stick to Taco Bell's five best dollar menu options around here. I went down to my local Taco Bell in New York City to try each item and rank them based on both taste and value. According to Thrillist, this new, expanded menu flies in the face of other fast-food restaurants, most of which have gradually started paring back their single buck offerings. In 2018, the dollar menu was stacked with 20 items at the set price. This snack tasted like a rolled-up version of a cheese quesadilla, and there's nothing wrong with that. The Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito adds a spin to the classic Bean Burrito we know and love. While the 21-item menu may sound new, most of the options have been on the menu … By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. I was also impressed with the size of the portion considering the $1 price tag. The use of a soft taco shell here was much appreciated, too. Not All Taco Bells Have a Dollar Menu The cheese inside was also slightly melted which was a great change from the other items featuring shredded cheese. Taco Bell stepped up its side dish game with the introduction of Nacho Fries. The Taco Bell dollar menu will never fail your wallet or your stomach if you choose wisely. The Value Menu online and in-store lists cinnamon twists as a dessert pastry on offer. Taco Bell officially unveiled it's $1 menu this week, highlighting the return of the $1 Double Stacked Tacos. Taco Bell keeps us on our toes with new freeze flavors, $5 Cravings Box offerings, and limited edition menu items that are gone in a flash. With a layer of beans, a heaping mound of lettuce, and a handful of tomatoes, this qualifies as a hearty snack. Oat milk came in dead last. In the same unfortunate vein as the shredded chicken quesadilla, I found that this burrito had a gooey consistency. You tryna be tricky? The Triple Layer Nachos are a true Taco Bell classic, and no list on the dollar menu would be complete without it. 1 spot on this list. If you’re craving a quick, inexpensive bite to eat, do not overlook Taco Bell, because they have one of the best dollar menus around! While the spicy chicken quesadilla melt was decent in size, it was lacking flavor and was significantly more runny than a classic quesadilla — this item was the clear choice for last place. The potatoes had their own distinct flavor that meshed really well with the rest of the taco. With the perfect amount of melted cheese to balance the fresh tortilla, this option is one of the best on Taco Bell's dollar menu. The mishmash-like texture of the insides put this burrito behind other menu items for me, but the taste kept it from falling to the bottom of this list. since. We love sharing tips for getting the most bang for your buck at restaurants!. With its large portion size and abundance of flavor, the triple layer nachos came in first. The mix of chipotle sauce and Taco Bell's red sauce provides a good amount of flavorful heat.


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