To his merit, he can reuse Falcon Dive if it connects with an opponent, and even stage spike them, though this is easily teched. It is his only throw that consists of a single hit and is weight dependent. Nintendo 64. Uniquely, Captain Falcon's jumping animation will differ based on facing direction (a simple vaulting jump if facing right, and a front flip if facing left). Can be used to continue or start combos at mid percents. Hits multiple times, with the last hit launching the opponent. Does a spin on the ground to kick both sides. Heavy Raptor Boost, while being slower and giving less distance, has super armor throughout and much more power. Falcon uses his Falcon Dive to grab an enemy in midair and fling them with an explosive blast. During the early lifespan of Smash 4's metagame, Captain Falcon's buffs were immediately noticed, with the most notable of them being the heavy changes to hitstun canceling and the improved combo ability on his moves. He owns his own private island that was presumably purchased through the money he received from capturing bounties. However, these nerfs are minuscule compared to the massive buffs he received, and as such, not only is one of the few characters to get truly buffed in the transition to Smash 4, but he is also one of the most improved characters in the game, alongside Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Sheik, Mewtwo, and Sonic. Calls in the Blue Falcon, which crashes through the stage in front of him. This is a remarkable improvement over his bottom tier placement in Brawl, where he was ranked 34th out of 38. He also wears yellow gloves, gold boots, a yellow scarf and a belt with a holster for a gun (although rarely used). Captain Falcon's neutral game is also moderately hindered by his short range and lack of a projectile, making it very difficult for him to counter spacing and camping. Should it hit an opponent, a short cutscene plays where they are run over and sent flying. Swings the foe overhead and then slams them on the ground with a single arm. Captain Falcon's grab range is short, but his dash grab has deceptively long range due to propelling him a long distance forward. In F-ZERO lore, he’s a bounty hunter whose identity is a mystery to everyone. Kicks forwards twice. Thanks to the changes to hitstun canceling, Captain Falcon's lost combo game has been greatly restored. However, he has his weaknesses. Captain Falcon feuded with Break Man and Red for earlier parts of VGCW, and is a former Casual Champion, winning the belt in Season 8. While Falcon Dash Punch is weaker and has slower startup than the default Falcon Punch, it propels himself forward, forcing his opponents offstage for him to KO them with his aforementioned above average edgeguarding tools. Inputting a direction (up or down) when charging Falcon Punch in the air will give a slight boost in that direction, which also applies for custom variants. 1990 Strangely, though, his walking speed is rather slow, and his traction is below average. Complementing this is his newly buffed dash grab, which comes out very quickly and covers a lot of distance. The landing hit. Captain Falcon also boasts excellent KO power, as well as a formidable edgeguarding ability. Kicks forwards and then backwards. Year created These two moves do not have hitboxes above him, leaving him open to meteor smashes, which he usually cannot survive due to his short recovery and falling speed. 22%/18%/9%/6% (ground), 25%/18%/6% (ground reverse), 19%/18%/6% (air), 22%/18%/6% (air reverse). A potent move that despite its slow startup, has low ending lag and deceptive horizontal range. It is also a decent KOing option on its own, KOing below 150% near the upper blast line, and the late hit is a weak. Overall, Captain Falcon's strengths outweigh his weaknesses. Though he has numerous hard-hitting moves, most of them are difficult or slow to land, some prominent examples being his smash attacks. Captain Falcon (JP:) (full name Douglas Jay Falcon) is a video game character debuting in F-ZERO for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. Depending on percent and positioning, it combos into itself and any other aerial. Punches the enemy, sending them forward. With Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Captain Falcon has 8 alternate costumes. -velocity running of falcon has enhanced by also 2, default 0.7 , the new 0.9 -running speed had overhaul of being ranked second with a run speed of 2.32, now it's 2.5 -ATTENTION-jumpsquat default for this version ( yes there are many versions of this mod but you only need one which is the main file ) His down throw leads into multiple up aerials, or his neutral aerial, and his forward throw combos into his dash attack or even his neutral air at low percents. 20%/16%/13%/11% (ground), 22%/18%/15%/13% (ground reverse), 17%/15%/13%/11% (air), 20%/18%/16%/14% (air reverse).


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