Princess prom dip 2.0 ... every five seconds while binging the entirety of she ra season … In it, Catra is sporting a cute ponytail and Glimmer and Bow appear to now be a couple. Basically Catra in season 5. They are all dressed up and going to a party. Reblog. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 5 flipped the status quo by centring Catra and Adora's lesbian love story, but it almost didn't happen she ra she ra season 5 catra adora shera adora shera catra she ra catradora catradora pixelart pixel art she ra fanart she-ra chipped catra. Press J to jump to the feed. 294. In Adora’s perfect future, Catra is wearing shoes. Fans adored the future designs, so of course they made fan art … But over the course of the 13-episode season, Adora and Catra find their way back together. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You Might Like . Best Ships by Starrshine1597. My own art. We had Scorpia, who finally came into her own as the loving butch princess she was always meant to be. . Catra has never worn shoes (except for that one episode where she had to wear … . 381. I can’t decide which one is more accurate. adora contributes most of the content. Fan Art. Catra has never worn shoes (except for that one episode where she had to wear snow boots to not freeze) , and yet here she is wearing these kitten heels (lol). Part 2. A fan-supported community dedicated to Catradora (Catra X Adora) from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. In Adora’s perfect future, Catra is wearing shoes. i lov catra,,, so much,,,, she-ra season 5 was so good i loved it caTRADORAS CANNON BBS anyway i love her drew this without reference so her hair a lil long but oh well i like how it turned out. 2 comments. save. View discussions in 1 other community. Close. Chapter 1. After all, Prime needs her alive to operate the Heart of Etheria, right? 20,190 notes ... There’s a tiny detail in season 5 that caught my eye. Image size. Reblog ... catradora she ra she ra season 5 spop spoilers fanart catra adora spop adora spop catra damn they did that AND CATRA WHAT A LOOK ! Part 1. And Yes,, I had no self control and immediately made Fanart ~ ~ ~ Time Taken:2hrs10mins. Posted by 14 hours ago. Part 1. d-r-e-e. … Cookies help us deliver our Services. It’s a small blink and you miss it detail but it stood out to me. adora: “so i’m chaperoning all of your friend dates ok?”, catra has a whole wall in her closet devoted to finding out netossa’s weakness because she won’t let the spray bottle incident go. Catra never wears shoes because they slow her down; she can’t run, or fight, or jump even half as well, as demonstrated by the snow boots episode. report. level 1. She has angular features, such as a pointed chin, straight nose and slanted almond-shaped, hetero-chromatic eyes in the shades pale yellow (Left) and turquoise (Right). catra brainstorms with adora on how to get mermista to warm up to her after the whole salineas thing, and what eventually does it is helping mermista take down the hit man who’s been stalking sea hawk for like three weeks. Join the community to add your … Save the Archer. Catra season 5. Basically Catra in season 5. hide. I love how wonderfully gay season 5 is, but the angst in season 4, *chef’s kiss* ~tip jar~ ~requests~ #my art #catra #she ra #catra art #she ra art #she ra angst #catra angst #adora #shadow weaver #scorpia #catradora. She Ra my art she ra s5 spop spop fanart catra She-Ra shera she ra spoilers she ra season 5 spop s5 catra she ra She-Ra art spop spoilers spop catra. Due to her feline display and ancestry, she is depicted as a young woman with sharp claws on her h… save. I love this couple so … shera she ra season 5 she ra shera spop shera spoilers shera adora shera catra shera perfuma shera scorpia catradora spop fanart spop adora spop catra spop … Image size. 2 comments. Comments 2. Adora found her happy magical place. Yaaaasss… You don’t have an idea how much I wanted to draw at least one of the the fathers of Bow. catra fanart and the WIP sketches :) #she-ra #catra #catra art #spop #she-ra and the princesses of power #she ra fanart #art. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Show More. humansacrificessmellnice. share. Then they save the world. 4,404 notes. But Prime’s in a rage after what She-Ra when she saved the cat and he wants Glimmer to … See More by kirashii-art. perfuma goes around etheria saying how great a meditation buddy catra is but catra doesn’t have the heart to tell her that she’s just napping the whole time. Posted by 13 hours ago. Show More. i’m sorry but why is NO ONE talking about THIS????? i lov catra,,, so much,,,, she-ra season 5 was so good i loved it caTRADORAS CANNON BBS anyway i love her drew this without reference so her hair a lil long but oh well i like how it turned out SheRa - CatrAdora by Mellorine91. Sort by. 98% Upvoted. Ships by Sawnik3000. Saved by ༄ ༄ 551. Follow. . Ships by Sawnik3000. I’VE ALWAYS HAVE: A FAMILIAR FACE. 13,597 notes. A favorite scene from the last season that a lot of fans are talking about is Adora's version of the future. Some moments from season 5 that make me cackle every time I watch them, Headcanon: Double Trouble sent the message, Please give the credits if you post it on another social network :). She features freckles on her cheeks, soft curving eyebrows, and a thin fiendish smile with fanged teeth. hide. bow has an entire album filled with photos of catra doing cute cat things and has a will prepared in case she ever finds out he has it. I think ya'll are projecting because "hnnnnng" muscles, don't blame you tbh. You Might Like . . She-Ra & the Princesses of Power season 5 was the end of Noelle Stevenson's run, and she decided to end the story by making the love between Adora and Catra central to her tale. 82. Chapter 1. It’s not that deep bro. Character Catra. ! By GemLox7 Watch. 6.1k members in the catradora community. Chapter 2. It’s a small blink and you miss it detail but it stood out to me. She was seriously traumatised in S5 and around new people she wasn't comfortable with, I don't think that overlaps 4 seasons of her strutting around in thigh-highs with a whip. SheRa - CatrAdora by Mellorine91. report. OMW Season 5... at the time this goes up it will be out and I 100% would've already binged the entire season. Reblog. So the fact that she is wearing them here so comfortably can only mean one thing: Catra is done running, she is done fighting, she is perfectly at ease with her vulnerabilities. best. Featured in collections. I… I was making a funny. When the mission to save Catra goes wrong, a guilty Glimmer stays behind to give others a chance to escape. Featured in collections. 145 notes. Still don't buy it. They eventually are able to admit their feelings to themselves — and each other. ⭐I have a professor just like Lance and I have to admit that his outfit is a little based on my teacher haha. Adora and Catra journeyed to the Heart of Etheria in order to free the wild magic lying at the core of the planet, but unfortunately at the same time Horde Prime had introduced a virus into the First One systems. ! 38 Favourites. 2000x2000px 4.49 MB.


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