And how could all things have come to existence at the same time? Lastly, utilitarianism, the philosophy which dominates contemporary thinking about happiness, and which believes that happiness is in maximizing pleasure, has also been greatly influenced by natural law theory. According to Aquinas, however, the human mind too can find natural law. According to Aquinas, this helps the mind realize that injustice and provocation are both bad because they hurt the relationships between people. Aristotle believed that because humans are capable of a higher level of thinking that they could therefore judge for themselves. ...Explain the theory of Natural Law Aristotle first discovered Natural Law as he was anti-form and believed in potentiality and actuality. It is determined by a supernatural power (Aquinas believes this to be God). Aquinas pointed to the ability of the human mind to prove the existence of God without any need for revelation. [1] Because of the stoics’ definition of the good and the bad, respectively, as being in accordance with and going against Nature, they are considered to be the first to uphold a natural law theory. While most other Greek philosophers held the belief that their Gods did not actively engage in running and governing the universe, as they were considered too busy enjoying themselves, the stoics held “God” to be an active part of the universe, ever busy with directing and organizing the progress of nature. Natural law ethics depends on the belief that the world was designed by a creator, God. These flaws dont mean much unless they can be prised open. It is for them alone to point out what we ought to do, as well as to determine what we shall do.”  On this basis, Bentham argued that whatever brings pleasure to the human being is good.[6]. Equally obvious is the fact that the non-living things in existence cannot evolve. Obviously, there exist relationships between the living and the non-living, such as the dependence on water and sunlight. The laws of Eternal Law that address the actions of the human being are, therefore, unique and different because only they need not necessarily be followed. In their view only the person who applies his mind correctly will find the purpose and organization given to Nature by God, so only he will be able to live in accordance with Nature. According to Grotius the emotions of man are many, but all come forth from just two essential inclinations—survival and society; that man wants to remain alive and wants to live his life together with others, and is, therefore, the core of human nature. The essence of this philosophy is as follows. Natural Law and Justice. “Natural Law does not provide an adequate basis for morality” The chances of the retreating water leaving this sandcastle behind are far greater than both the living and the non-living things coming into existence at the exact same time with perfect relations between them, after which the living things in existence evolved in perfect co-ordination between themselves and without there ever developing a conflict in the relation between the living and non-living things. In order to explain the theory of Natural Law, we will look at all the different aspects such as Aristotle’s and Aquinas’s theory of Natural Law. natural law and natural rights is far more plausible than people Natural Law provides justification and support for certain core ideas which are popular in modern times, for example human rights and equality. Because God, they said, is Reason, the purpose and organization He has given Nature must follow reason. It is the nature of every human being to know from his conscience what is right, correct proper and therefore lawful. When the Christian philosophers of the Middle Ages learned of Greek philosophy through the writing of the Muslim philosophers, they were intrigued by the idea of natural law. Lying is, therefore, against natural law, as is ignorance, because it leaves a person without knowing the truth. It is determined by a supernatural power (Aquinas believes this to be God). One can see from the discussion how some Muslims who allow the mind to identify the shariah illa have adopted natural law theory without realising it….. substantial thoughts. I have elsewhere set forth a detailed critique of Holmes’s thought,2 which I will not repeat here. And since, they  observed, the human being possesses a mind which gives him the ability to reason, they considered the human being as capable of identifying the purpose and organization given to Nature by God. Natural Law is also based on the idea that God created everything for a purpose, allowing Aristotle's Four Causes theory to be applicable here.


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