Just as there are countless career … 7 Unexpected Career Paths for Those Interested in Engineering. Career Paths in Engineering Engineers work with a variety of technology and may also work with materials, chemicals, medical equipment, bridges, and even nuclear power – just to name a few. Prospective professionals can follow a degree and career path … As with the other fields of engineering we’ve covered so far, chemical engineering encompasses a wide range of career paths, competencies and skill sets. But, broadly speaking, a chemical engineer is … Engineering Degrees & Career Paths Students who are interested in engineering degrees and careers have a wealth of options to choose from. Which is the better engineering career path in your opinion – the Civil Engineer who has worked in one city for 10yrs, or someone who has worked all over the world? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineering professions typically have a wage higher … Engineers tend to have high job satisfaction as well as higher salaries because of the constant demand for their unique skill set. I would have broader engineering … A degree in engineering opens up a variety of career paths toward high-paying, in-demand jobs.


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