You don't want to. If it is already trimmed of silverskin, then you are good to begin cutting it into smaller fillets, around 1 1/2 - 2 inch thick. Before putting the steaks on the grill, allow them to come close to room temperature. Here's a table with detailed time needed and recommended temperatures for indirect grilling filet mignon: While Filet mignon and most steaks are recommended to be cooked at Medium-Rare since that's the temperature point where the juices and tenderness reaches the maximum flavor, you can always cook them at your desired doneness. The exact location is the tenderloin, which is a long and slender conical shape muscle, streched from the ribs to the sirloin. It is located in the Loin Beef Primal, between the Ribs Primal and Round Primal. Thank you SO much! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. good recipe however the picture shows a filet wrapped in bacon, I haven’t tried this yet, but it makes sense to keep it simple. Grilling them on lower heat will allow the heat to penetrate the middle of the steak without overcooking the outside. Here are some tips to help you learn how to cook filet mignon on the grill more easily: Based on several recommendations, you should grill a 2-inch filet mignon cut for around 19-24 minutes at 145°F for Medium-Rare doneness and 24-29 Minutes at 160°F for Medium doneness. In order to reduce grilling time and ensure consistent cooking throughout the steak, we must bring the filet to room temperature. Required fields are marked *. This allows the juices to re-distribute, so they don't all run out when you slice into that beautiful hunk of beef. Just follow the cooking and temperature instructions, and you will end up with a delicious steak without much effort. Try to pick 1 1/2 - 2 inch thick fillets. Even so, guidelines are excellent. Filet Mignon…even the name sounds intimidating. What Temperature Should I Grill Filet Mignon? The term 'Filet Mignon' comes from French and means 'dainty fillet'. Here's how to pick and select the best filet mignon for grilling. Grill the steak covered, using Indirect Medium-Heat for the time determined by steak thickness and desired doneness. Probably, the main reason why most people choose the Filet Mignon is due to its extreme tenderness and melt-in-mouth texture. purchase high quality and all-natural filets, Chicken Rolled with Prosciutto and Fontina Cheese. 12oz steak cooked perfectly. Ok, the moment of truth, your steak has been getting itself ready on the counter and now it's game time! Many thanks. Here are some detailed timing and temperature levels for direct grilling filet mignon: Notes: Prepare the grill for indirect heat using a drip pan or your preferred method. Anyway I cooked them 3 min per each move of the steak ( 6 min per side) since the outsides were still rare I then tipped them on their sides and rolled them on the grill til outside was browned about 2 more minutes . $8 filet mignons cooked like this vs. $32 in a restaurant…omg, this was SO MUCH BETTER!!!! Filet mignon steaks are very lean and have little fat, meaning that they are very tender but need to be seasoned before grilling. Remove it and set it on a plate or platter and leave it alone. Disclamer Oh my goodness!!! Tried your recipie for the first time last week. We have prepared a step-by-step article, explaining everything you need to know to learn how to cook filet mignon at home, including selecting, preparing, grilling and then serving. Save the course salt for the end, some say it draws out juices. NEVER cook it too long. I have used these instructions numerous times, and my filet is ALWAYS perfect!! Thanks so much really enjoyed the steaks. This will give the steak the crispy crust and some nice grill marks. As a result, the steaks from this area, including Filet Mignon are high in marbling and some of the most tender cuts of the animal. Kendrick is an outdoor cooking enthusiast, currently living in Kansas. I threw these babies on the grill and within a minute all of the boys were enthralled- I believe I even saw one of them forget to respect women for a brief moment. Less seasoning, less grilling time, less flipping, less poking and prodding…you get the point.


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