", Pros: "Seats and the airplane, in general, was very dirty. Then we had delays after that. I am traveling with a broken leg and couldn’t be more grateful for the helpful staff. I've flown on over 50 airlines and was happy to see that the food was not processed junk as you find in most airlines. Towards the end of the journey they were starting to smell and became very untidy with paper being trailed around the cabin on the bottom of peoples shoes. Cons: "Nothing i like even. ", Pros: "The environment was good and clean The food was on time and fresh", Cons: "Leg space too less. How is that possible. Cons: "Our tables were dirty so we could not set our drinks and food on them. Having a pillow and blanket for every seat is a plus." It was an ATR - which are not known for their comfort. Cons: "Food was mediocre, nothing special. AirAsia India, IndiGo and Ethiopian Air have waived their change and cancellation fees on flights to Kerala. ", Pros: "It seemed like a quick flight." This was on both legs of the journey. Entertainment system didn’t work right. ", Pros: "The cabin was nice quiet and peaceful" She was in the wrong seat but she obviously did not speak English. Cons: "SFO to Montreal: no complimentary food; not even nuts. Cons: "Very delayed. Not too significant a complaint but I’d have really appreciated if I could’ve had the view also. When traveling to Kochi, typically the most convenient airport to fly into is Kochi Airport. The most popular route is from Mumbai to Kochi and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was ₹ 4,961. Vistara is the only domestic airline with premium economy" Cons: "Delayed 40mins customers behave like they are on a public bus lots of pushing get impression it was first flight for many didn’t know they couldn’t stand when seat belt sign was on & applauded on landing. Confirm policies on booking site. When we were boarding, one of the crew members was yelling at an older Asian lady. Cons: "Bathroom a mess", Pros: "On time, good movies and overall o What one expects for an economy class flight." The jets were new and clean. Cons: "The flight was delayed over an hour taking off due to final checks and luggage. In particular, not many new releases were available. It seemed intrusive and strange. Cons: "Three things : 1) The crew seemed to be relatively inexperienced and just out of college. Cons: "When we arrived at SFO the computer system was not working and it took forever to check in. Cons: "avoid last-minute gate changes", Pros: "Premium Economy was comfortable and separate from the main cabin. Cons: "The only thing i do not like is the website of the airline especially when we try and use it on mobile phone, it does not respond too well. Plus, Indigo staff still exudes more confidence in me", Pros: "Service was nice. Please help!!" Cons: "Starting at check in it was an absolute hassle and I cured many unforeseen costs. During the 3 hr delay the only food provided was a small bag of pretzels and water. They gave me such a hard time I thought they were going to kick me off the plane just because they had short coming. They popped these aerosol canisters and walked around the cabin. Crew was friendly" Good range of food and drink for purchase only. All it takes is a little forethought and efficiency — not many people looking busy and doing the same thing. ", Pros: "Great service by crew members Had good number of meals and beverages", Pros: "Srilankan Airlines's food was one of the best I've had. An average nonstop flight from the United States to Kerala takes 27h 08m, covering a distance of 8962 miles. Cons: "The tray did not work , needed effort to fold n unfold, seats and carpets smelled of pesticides , movies and entertainment was not latest , it was 2014 .".


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