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Work – Jesus did his his Father’s work (John 10:25 “The works I do in my father’s name”) so we do the Father’s work (serving church, serving community, frontline, social justice). ? Jesus prays that those whom the Father gave Him will be one just as He and the Father are one. May 29, 2019 / newlifenarrabri. JESUS SAID WE ARE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE HAS LOVED US SO THAT ALL MAY KNOW THAT WE ARE HIS DISCIPLES, SO IF WE CALL OURSELVES FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST, THEN WE MUST SHOW OUR ONENESS WITH HIM AS WELL AS OUR ONENESS WITH EACH OTHER THROUGH LOVE. 0000004280 00000 n endstream endobj 43 0 obj<>stream before He was crucified. When we deal with others through our divisions we label, do violence, and hunker down to defend our position. For far too long we have dealt with each other through our boundaries, differences, and divisions. Change ). We saw that in verse 9. Find Top Church Sermons, Illustrations, and Preaching Slides on John 17:20-26. ( Log Out /  This is a part of Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer” on the night endstream endobj 30 0 obj<> endobj 31 0 obj<> endobj 32 0 obj<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 33 0 obj<> endobj 34 0 obj<> endobj 35 0 obj<> endobj 36 0 obj<> endobj 37 0 obj<> endobj 38 0 obj<> endobj 39 0 obj<> endobj 40 0 obj<> endobj 41 0 obj<> endobj 42 0 obj<>stream ( Log Out /  Now he prays. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 50 0 obj<>stream Peter, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. It is love Over and over Jesus tells us that. Introduction. He prays for us. )�AVA`�v��r��^����v�$ �pF0)�RuӶ��E7&{ь-A[����Y�a��M4UP�����N���R�����L�M$���Z��\����ϫ�f�5�"��W���H����p����ʍ�!�f���x[���@0H�����^��(��ba�|�E�Q��x���Hh�_ܽ�����\���Ҝ�_0�u/d��Se¥"����Μ2X�����S ����1�� ���� �� $@R ( Log Out /  You need only look at the world, read the newspaper, or watch the news. This natural outflow of love will show people It is the night of the last supper. I think we sometimes forget or ignore this. Oneness is not about eliminating differences. Prayer for Unity, a Reflection on John 17:20-26 In his farewell prayer, Jesus asks that we may all be one. and the Father are one, He doesn’t specify how that should happen ��o�s�U�?E His only Son, when those who claim to know Jesus fight and act Being one with God makes us truly human like Christ. 0000000016 00000 n Thank you for this inspired meditation! I appreciate your fourfold love commandment structure. They are not just divisions they have become oppositions. We often deal with the boundaries and differences that divide us by writing agreements, covenants, treaties, and legislation that govern how we will get along with each other and behave in the midst of our differences. that we know His love and live in His love. Anne. It is about love. 0000007154 00000 n THE GLORY OF THE CROSS (John 17:1-5)17:1-5 When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said: "Father, the hour has come. This unity shows the world that God sent Jesus into the world. 0000001012 00000 n 0 - A Sermon on Mark 13:24-37 for Advent 1B, When A Loved One Dies - A Funeral Sermon on John 14:1-6, Advent, the Season of Necessary Endings - A Sermon on Mark 13:24-37, Advent, A Season in the Wilderness - A Sermon on Mark 1:1-8, And You Shall Live - A Sermon On Ezekiel 37:1-14, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I enjoy following your blog. endstream endobj 44 0 obj<>stream There are divisions within ourselves, our families, our churches, our nation. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I wish that where I am they also may be with me, Y�����؃�0��a馌�/tA��u� ��[OTˉ��p�x��6m loves me then that will transform me so much that I will love other John 17:20-26. H�tT�n�0��+9����EYJ�E�� ΁qh��L��_�����nыDJ�ݙ�Y@w��>��4˲��[���n^=��V����5X c�G�%M�$�~8�7�|� His prayer is for unity, the sort of unity that Jesus has with His He's preparing to give up his life and what he wants is for us to be not only each for him but each for each other. Reflections on John 17 Jesus' Prayer for His Disciples Jesus looked up to heaven and said: "Father, the hour has come! Our love for God, neighbor, self, and enemy reveals our oneness, and the measure of our oneness, our God-likeness, is love. He's preparing to give up his life and what he wants is for us to be not only each for him but each for each other. ( Log Out /  or what it looks like. can only understand what love is when they see it in action day by This sermon has encouraged me to see my sons in a different light. (6-10) His prayer. startxref 0000007816 00000 n 0000003765 00000 n For every boundary we establish there is a human being. That does not mean, however, that we lose our identity or individuality. Oneness in the midst of difference becomes a sacramental presence of God’s life in the world. <<4D2B2E60CABFAE41884E5993B3A7A792>]>> 0000003523 00000 n Father. Jesus is praying to the Father. Lord may your love for your church be shown in all of our Whether or not we admit it the boundaries we establish and enforce are usually done in such a way as to favor us; to make us feel ok, to reassure us that we are right and in control, chosen and desired, seen and recognized, approved of and accepted.


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