And in 1986, the VFR is introduced. It does the job but everytime I've got home I tell myself - I should get a BMW for all this. My only disappointment with VTEC is that it wasn't aggressive enough. Generally underwhelmed for a bike that is so expensive and overhyped.Power delivery is nothing special - VTEC is annoying after a while. Just bought my 2nd vfr after a few years off bikes and i must say it's a great improvement from my 89 fj model. It is quite heavy, so does not respond like the 'Blade I had before, but the stability is excellent. It has a digital speedo ... plus the usual conveniences of centre stand, storage, various instruments.Even in 2020, my old 2004 VFR would be a super bike to have ... sadly the last good VFR. On the upside, the Honda VFR800 VTEC has a 22 litre fuel tank, comfy saddle, a grabrail and a centrestand. Sweet machine by my book... Use it for spirited riding, love the howl of the vtec/induction kicking in. Fairing good, but then I'm only 5'7". So all in all, it's done everything I ask of it, but probably cost me more in ownership than I really anticipated. In 2006, Honda has lowered the VTEC activation threshold as the power delivery of the 2002-2005 VTEC models tended to dip slightly before the transition point. I have owned the VFR since last June & at 1st I was a bit overwhelmed by its techno complexity compared to my previous carbed in line 4. !If i had to moan about anything it will be the price, i waited a long time for one to come up and i bought a 07/56 plate and got an excellent deal against new price, but £8500 new is a bit pricey. It works simply by shutting off an inlet and exhaust valve on each of the four valve heads at low revs. The motor has freed up beautifully & since its 1st service, runs cooler with an adjustment of the throttle cable getting rid of the low speed throttle snatch. 205 plus miles from a full tank with the VTEC on for rocket fun. Excellent all rounder whether short journey or long commute. Very poor fuel cunsumption only 150 miles to a tank and thats if I ride it like a nun! Vtec is an unneccessary gimmick but not intrusive. The Honda VFR800F was a v4, four-stroke Sport touring motorcycle produced by Honda between 1998 and 2019. It has never missed a beat. Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions, Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity, 80.00 Nm (8.2 kgf-m or 59.0 ft.lbs) @ 8750 RPM, Recuperation 60 to 140 km/h in highest gear, Fuel Consumption - MPG - Economy - Efficiency. Anyone who has owned a gear driven cam VFR will wonder why Honda went back to camchains on this V4 cylinder engined Honda VFR800 VTEC. If you don't have luggage this bike has no space for storage. 1) I struggle to do more than about 200 miles a day on it. I challenge Honda to start making bikes with square wheels & then tell their customers it's fine because they're all like it! The stator on early models were not powerful enough to keep the bike from dying in stop-and-go traffic; Honda had a service campaign to install more powerful stators on all effected units. These are superb handling bikes and despite what is written will still mix it up when you want to. Love this bike ! Comfy for 2 or 3 hours between fuel stops, which could be well over 200 miles on a well topped up tank, but usually get bored before then! Handling is described by some as impeccably neutral. The VFR is a great all-rounder. I traded out the rear shock for a Daugherty Motorsports build f4i; sprung and valved for my weight. VTEC valve actuation. Before the introduction of the VFR800, the VFR in 750cc form had been considered by some to be the best all-round motorcycle money could buy. When the Vtec kicks in, it is a different bike. One of my friend’s brother owned several VFRs and currently working as mechanic. Under seat exhausts mean no under seat storage space. Wind protection is excellent as long as you add taller screen. They may well all be like it, but that doesn't make them right. Excellent! The original VFR750 was produced to follow the VF750, a machine with camshafts prone to failure. combined 3-piston callipers (abs) and sintered metal pads in the rear. Goods: The starter-valves need to be synchronized to achieve better engine stability. The front end just does not seem quite right, maybe new tyres will sort it. Not the fastest like an R1, but can run just like the 600s around town and better than a R6, CBR600R touring. This bike has sold in millions. And on the flip side if you just want to cruise along on that nice sunday lunch it'll take you where ever you need to go without the fuss or drama. The V4 is legendary; its 107bhp is tractable and flexible, and perfectly suited to the bike. I've also had a complaint that the passenger seat could be better, although this from a mate missus who pillions a Trophy! Mine is now up to about 45k miles. I suppose you pay for the build quality, that is superb.Go out and get one. With a V4 engine that traces its lineage back to the complex-but-characterful 750s of the mid ’80s, the 2002 launch of the VTEC-enabled 781cc version proved Honda were back to their cutting-edge best. Buying experience: Dealer - easy transaction, Buying experience: Bought it from a dealer for 12.000 euro (ABS version), Long distance comfort, handling and multiple discipline use are positive. This incorporates the VFR trademark of a single-sided swing-arm pivoted in the rear of the crankcase, thereby using the engine as a stressed member of the frame. Honda used VTEC to meet tightening noise and emissions standards and to increase the peak engine horsepower. if you ride the bike on the motorway with reasonable speed 70-80miles an hour.It will return 45 -54 miles per gallon assuming that you do not get the vtec kick in from start.Bike sits at 80 miles very confortably.In the city and riding fast the fuel consumption can drop down to 36 miles per gallon. I bought mine with 400 miles showing. - More wind blast but hey its a sports tourer not an over sized scooter like the Pan euro. The engine's great but low speed fuelling is poor. The seller unfortunately had it on auction so nearly cried giving it away. Mine had the 16k check before my ownership. Sensible modifications-Rear mudguard,front fender extender,double bobble screen,givi ruck and 45 litres top box and soft oxford panniers.


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