Bardhaman (/ ˈ b ɑːr d ə ˌ m ə n /, Bengali: [ˈbɔrˌdʱoman]) is a city and a municipality in the state of West Bengal, India.It is the headquarters of Purba Bardhaman district, having become a district capital during the period of British rule. 1) Generally, one constable is in charge of 10 CVs during VIP and L/O duties. The area covered is 192.15 km. Requisition has been given from DySP Traffic to Chairmen of Katwa, Kalna, Dainhat & Memari Municipalities for installation of CCTVs in their Municipal areas. He is best known for having exploded a few bombs, along with Bhagat Singh, in the Central Legislative Assembly in New Delhi on 8 April 1929. It is by supporting our operational colleagues, giving them the confidence that traffic offences will be dealt with and ensuring that victims are dealt with appropriately, that this aim can be achieved. There are 16 police stations, 8 development blocks, 2 municipal corporations, 62 gram panchayats in this district. Another green 500 boards of specifications outlined by Traffic Department will be installed within one week. The main objective of the traffic unit is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic like "Save Drive Save Life". Effective literacy rate for the 7+ population was 88.62%.[3]. [7] The society at large also continued to gain the fruits. The main Howrah-Delhi rail track passes through Bardhaman, and the city is served by. For any complaint regarding Fire Crackers, plz call: → Statement of M.V Cases PSs & all Traffic unit of Burdwan District year of 2011 to 2016 up to June, → Lane Violation Prosecution has been submitted against the errant Drivers for the year 2016 (up to June), Deny criminals use of the roads by enforcing the law. Sadhak Kamalakanta as composer of devotional songs and Kashiram Das as a poet and translator of the great Mahabharata were possibly the best products of such an endeavour. Burdwan has a multi-cultural heritage. 05 CCTVs have been installed on the NH2 and Budbud Bazar by the Chamber of Commerce. 422 boards of “Safe Drive Save Life” campaign have been installed on various roads of the district initially. Bardhaman also has a number of Bengali Christians, and although they are a minority, there are many churches in the city. Design and developed by Bardhaman District Police. Our overall aim is to improve driving standards and make roads safer. Presently, the administrative works are mostly done at the Rajbati (the palace of Barddhamana Maharaja) campus; on the other hand, academic activities centre on the Golapbag campus. While the hottest month is May, the coldest is January. The University of Burdwan was formally inaugurated on 15 June 1960 by Sukumar Sen, its first Vice-chancellor. Burdwan, an alternative name for the city, has remained in use since that period.. Also available mini bus within city and surrounding. Purba Bardhaman district has a tropical climate - hot and humid. Burdwan experienced and survived numerous violent conflicts, mainly due to Mughal, Pashtun and Maratha invaders. 40 CCTVs are being installed by the Burdwan Municipality within 3 weeks. All Rights Reserved. The chief educational institution was the Burdwan Raj College, which was entirely supported out of the maharaja's estate. It was after the abolition of the Zamindari system in the fifties that Uday Chand Mahtab, the last representative of the Burdwan Raj, left almost his entire property in Burdwan to the state government. The region has an average elevation of 40 metres (131 ft). Bardhaman (/ˈbɔːrdəˌmɑːn/, Bengali: [ˈbɔrˌdʱ]) is a city and a municipality in the state of West Bengal, India. Archeological evidences suggest that this region, forming a major part of Radh Bengal, could be traced even back to 4000 BCE. Maharaja Bijaychand Mahtab (born 1881), who succeeded his adoptive father in 1888, earned great distinction by the courage with which he risked his life to save that of Sir Andrew Fraser, the lieutenant-governor of Bengal, on the occasion of the attempt to assassinate him made by freedom fighters of Bengal on 7 November 1908.[6]. The first epigraphic reference to the name of this place occurs in a 6th-century AD copper plate found in Mallasarul village under Galsi Police Station.


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