Use a light sweep with the torch to avoid losing excessive surface detail. Can CakePlay isomalt be used as edible glue? Due to its structure and ingredients, it will not caramelize even when heat is applied to it, nor will it brown like regular sugar would. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. When melted properly, isomalt can be heated multiple times. Our Isomalt is made in Germany and is perfect for sugar art. Kosher certification insures a very high quality product that exceeds FDA guidelines. Can decorations made with CakePlay Isomalt Nibs be used on cakes with any type of icing? Making pulled decorations is another way to add instant dimension and glamour to pastries and cakes.. Just lightly run the flame from a crème brulee torch carefully over the mold’s surface to remove cloudiness. It is often used in sugar-free candy or sugar sculptures. Melt in 20-second increments until liquid and bubbles form. CakePlay does not recommend using our product or any isomalt in a glue gun. - It is a mix of two disaccharide alcohols which are gluco-mannitol and gluco-sorbital. Then gently crimp the silicone mat with clothespins to form a shape the isomalt will harden upon. Our isomalt needs to be heated for the isomalt to melt and be moulded into the desired shape. Download our mobile application to get the latest updates & promotions. Isomalt has a shelf life of 2 years. Then place the silicone sheet with the melted isomalt on top over the bottle. One technique to try for improved clarity is to rub a little vegetable oil onto the mold, then wipe it off before pouring in the melted isomalt. - If by chance you break your sail you can recycle the isomalt by starting at step 6. CakePlay sells food-grade desiccant packets that help preserve isomalt and gumpaste decorations. Melted CakePlay Isomalt Nibs are ideal for creative tasks, including flower making, assembling the pieces of a sugar sculpture, instantly adhering decorations to fondant, and more. Two-part press molds also add instant dimension. I’m just getting started with isomalt. - Use Edible Metallic Paints in the hot isomalt or paint the edges for an expensive look. This designation means the substance has been approved by the FDA for its intended use as a food additive, similar to baking soda, sugar, and corn syrup. Yes, finished isomalt pieces are an ideal accent for any type of cake or pastry, including those finished with fondant, gumpaste, buttercream icing, and more. Its OK if some of the isomalt drips onto the mat below. Be careful not to heat the isomalt to the boiling point again with the torch – a light touch is all that is needed. - You can microwave the tempered isomalt to remelt it. How long do I melt CakePlay Isomalt Nibs in the microwave? - Never use plastic with isomalt. Yes, professional pastry chefs and cake artists have successfully used our pure isomalt product in various pulled and blown sugar pieces without issue. 1) Place isomalt crystals in a nonstick or steel saucepan. For hanging beads, try pouring in every other cavity. This means no hidden ingredients, vague processes, or cross contamination. Simply heat in a heavy-bottomed pot until all the granules melt. This product should be stored in a cool and dry place. - Do not store your isomalt in the freezer or refrigerator. Watch through the window in your microwave to avoid heating the product longer than necessary, thereby forming excess bubbles. - If you consume too much it can cause GI upset. ( You also have one month to get 10% off your first order) (This offer does not apply to wholesale customers). Unused CakePlay isomalt nibs can be stored in an air-tight container for up to two years. If you want to know more about our cookies click here. Pastry chefs and cake professionals have found it to have adequate pliability for their projects. 2) Heat a medium heat until the crystals melt. 4) Let cool for 1 minute then add the food dye. Copyright © 2020, CakePlay Inc Powered by Shopify. When do I put finished pieces on a cake? Yes, CakePlay has had good success with gel colors, especially since they impart less moisture to the product. Do not spray any areas needed for attachment, as the edible lacquer inhibits attachment. Isomalt is a great way for beginners and professionals to make hard candy decorations. (If you want to use a … - It functions better than sugar for decorations because it is not as susceptible to moisture problems and it is not as prone to crystallization. However, some flavoring oils impart a color to the product or contain fine particulates that can detract from the clarity of the isomalt. your own Pins on Pinterest The best way to re-melt cooked Isomalt is with a microwave oven. What should I do? Yes, CakePlay Isomalt Nibs are formulated to hold up to humidity. By closing this banner or by continuing to navigate in the web site, you are consenting to the use of cookies. Melted isomalt can be used for many assembly and repair tasks, and is often quicker and easier to use for adhesion than royal icing. Perfect for cake decorations such as doors or windows for gingerbread houses, caramel chews and anything that needs to be moulded into a specific design like flowers. This is a little bit more expensive but pretty much full-proof when it comes to tempering. What are some other safety precautions I should take? This product is suitable for keto recipes. If there are a lot of visible bubbles then let the saucepan sit for a minute. - Use melted isomalt to glue pieces together. Melting Isomalt vs. Melting Sugar. Here are some general isomalt decorating techniques: Can I use your isomalt in a glue gun? Melt the isomalt crystals in a microwave and pull into your desired mould. If you use multiple colors then swirl it will give a spectacular marbled effect. Isomalt is an ingredient that cake decorators are very familiar with. Can CakePlay Isomalt Nibs be used in pulled and blown sugar projects? And with CakePlay’s convenient packaging, there’s little to no waste. It can be in the over up to 3 hours before it starts to discolor. It does not cause dental cavities and is the most popular sweetener in the world behind sugar/sucrose. 8) Pour the isomalt once again onto a silicone mat. Be sure to let melted isomalt settle for a minute or two after microwaving for bubbles to dissipate. Then, once cool, store the isomalt in an air-tight container for a future project. Is isomalt safe to eat? Caution: It is extremely hot when heated. Many people are intimidated by making hard candy decorations. When using a silicone mold or pouring onto a silicone mats, the piece might look cloudy. CakePlay’s best recommendation is simply to microwave the desired number of isomalt nibs in a silicone cup, Pyrex bowl, or other heat-proof container, then use as desired. During the process of certification, every single ingredient and every single manufacturing process from origin to final product is checked, inspected, and scrutinized. Always touching the bottom of the pan while you stir (this decreases bubble formation), 3) Let it come to a boil then time it for 1 minute. Instead, store the isomalt pieces in an air-tight container with a food-safe desiccant packet until ready to use. Will my melted isomalt have a cloudy appearance? If you don't temper the isomalt it will be so brittle that you will not be able to get the silicone mat off the sail. My molded piece looks cloudy. This is especially true if you are microwaving a small amount of isomalt. How can I eliminate this problem? Can CakePlay Isomalt Nibs be tinted to another color? What’s the best way to store my CakePlay Isomalt Nibs? Be very careful of your eyes and hands. If you live in a high-humidity environment, you may want to add a desiccant packet to the container with your finished piece. Do not melt Isomalt on a high setting. -Use your isomalt sail as a vase for fresh or Readymade Icing Flowers. If cooking on the stovetop, place desired number of Cake Craft nibs in a stove top pan over low to medium heat and heat until liquid and bubbles form. (You can also pour it into silicone molds at this stage to let harden and use at a later date.). © 2020 - Phoon Huat Pte. Making poured decorations is the best basic technique for those working with isomalt for the first time.


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