Here, the Start Streaming and Start Recording buttons will let you start capturing footage with OBS Studio. The primary OBS Studio interface permits you to set up all you require to begin streaming or recording. The main OBS Studio interface allows you to set up everything you need to start streaming or recording. If you want a quick and solid preset, pick Simple and set the following under Recording: Under Recording Format, you can choose the video file type to save in (see different video file types, explained for help). Clients with an illustrations card encoder can pick Twitch Streaming from the Preset box as a pattern. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. It’s likewise a smart thought to open the Advanced tab and set Process Priority to High. However, if you’ve never used it before, OBS Studio might seem a little daunting at first. You have entered an incorrect email address! Drag the slider to adjust the mix, or click the speaker icon to mute one. Try Recording if you don’t need particularly high quality, and up it to High Quality Recording if that’s not good enough. Encoder to Hardware (AMD) or Hardware (NVENC) in the event that you have a ground-breaking illustrations card. For a smooth picture, choose 60. Moreover, OBS Studio utilizes easy to use configuration options that allow users to customize their properties quickly. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. OBS Studio has had its code rewritten from the ground up to provide a better performing program than OBS classic. Your computer will prompt you to either save the installation file or run it immediately. Try converting it to a different file type. This area allows you to add overlays, images, text, game capture, display capture, browser captures, media sources, etc. But if you desire a smaller file size or are recording something simple, 30 is suitable. We’ll utilize the Windows adaptation for this instructional exercise, however it’s comparable over all stages. Use Software (x264) if not (see underneath for additional subtleties). Open the Replay Buffer tab and enable it. Grouping your items will let you scale them together. Do this by opening Settings and switching to the Stream tab. Here, check the Base (Canvas) Resolution and Output (Scaled) Resolution) options. 配信をするときに必要不可欠なのが、ゲーム画面やマイク音声を配信サイトに反映してくれる配信ソフトウェアです。, 数ある配信ソフトの中でも、「OBS Studio」は大人気!ニーズに合わせたカスタマイズ性と機能性を兼ね備えています。, その上無料なので利用する他ないのですが、多機能すぎてどうすればいいか分からない…。という方も多いと思います。, そこで今回は、OBSの使い方を徹底解説!設定する際に重要な以下の3つの要点を解説します!. You can see the current FPS and CPU usage below. If this is your first time in OBS Studio, your profile will likely be defaulted to “untitled.” You can easily change that by going to your Profile button in the menu above and selecting Rename. This section is where you will build or add to your layouts in the scenes you’ve created. How to Stream Using OBS Studio To stream with OBS Studio, you'll first need to connect OBS with your streaming account. Ultimately, you’ll have to pick the FPS (outlines every second) of the recording. Head to the Output menu. Continue with our COVID pandemic tips and tricks series. You can redo it much more to suit your very own requirements, yet this review is intended to set you up to record ongoing interaction locally as well as run your first stream. Here I’m using Google Meet as an example, you can see the OBS Virtual Camera is listed. The wizard will have completed its test and setup. For 1080p recording at 60FPS, you can begin with something like 40,000kbps and change from that point. This … This section will allow you to manage your screen layouts. How to Stream Using OBS Studio To stream with OBS Studio, you’ll first need to connect OBS with your streaming account. 2. So if you ever need to adjust your webcam source, select the group, and it will all scale together. If you have a powerful dedicated graphics card (not integrated graphics), you should change this to Hardware (AMD) or Hardware (NVENC), depending on your card. To get your stream to pop off, you will need to add in some images/graphics and overlays. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up OBS Studio, what you need to start recording and streaming, and tips for getting the best results. We have all the information you need to get you streaming on YouTube. You should test these early, as various sources can have immeasurably extraordinary volume levels. – pretty much anything you want the viewer to see. OBS Studio is genuinely free, so you don’t need to pay for any highlights. The preview originally shows flipped but with OBS you can easily control and flip the mirror to correct the output. If you’re looking to record your screen or stream online, OBS Studio (formerly Open Broadcaster Software) is a great option. Right-click OBS and select Run as Administrator if you’re using the software on Windows, as it’s necessary to have admin permissions when using Game Capture software on … Warning: Never give this stream key to anyone or show it on a stream! We’ve collected all the necessary data which can be used by you to achieve your goal. To do this with Twitch, for instance, head to the Stream Key page in Twitch’s (Settings > Channel and Videos) while signed in. If you don’t do this, your webcam won’t show. This section is possibly the most important one. It’s a good idea to try these options to see which provides the best balance of quality and file size. You may wish to lower the bitrate (as well as downscaling the resolution and lowering the FPS if needed) slightly for streaming. Pick among Fade and Cut in the dropdown box, or hit Plus to pick another choice. Probably by now, you’ve already mastered and maybe even tired of online zoom calls (etc). Next, you’ll need to generate a streaming key for the service.


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