Naturally caffeine free Redbush infusion with caramel flavour and safflowers. Choose from 3 subscription options to sample our range and enjoy further benefits throughout the year. Loose leaf tea circulates better in the pot than tea bags, allowing more water to flow through the leaves and extract their complex flavours and aromas. LibberTEA is the Scottish not-for-profit loose leaf tea company. Was £1.60. These early buds have an intensely dry, fresh flavour. Country of origin: Indonesia - Chakra Estate, West Java, Mellow and refreshing Sencha style green tea. Fine young shoots of green tea rolled into small pellets scented with the heady fragrance of fresh osmanthus flowers. To be the first to hear about our latest offers, competitions and news, sign up here. Most people would not conceive of making tea without their perfectly proportioned bag that gets the measure ‘just right’. The perfect Christmas Tea. If you’re on this page, chances are that you’re a serious brewer-upper. TRUSTPILOT. Harrogate Full bodied and refreshing. Country of origin: China - Misty mountains of Anhui Province. If you’re having a hard time deciding on just one type of tea, take … A warming infusion with a hint of mint to refresh. LibberTEA will donate 100% profits to various social causes in the UK & abroad. Famous green tea with delicate roasted notes. You can let us know which delicious tin you’d like in the comment section of your order. A light and elegant black tea grown in the Himalayas. The best camomile evokes the essence of a summer meadow: floral, uplifting and with a breezy scent that calms the spirit. , Juicy apple, delicate elderflowers and light Sencha green tea. Mellow green tea, combined with sweet, juicy berry flavours and finished with marigold and cornflower petals. Tea Forté Loose Leaf Tea Sampler. Our range includes loose leaf tea, green, black, white teas and oolong. However, they are some significant benefits to ditching the bag and going loose. Country of origin: China - Zhejiang Province, Tightly rolled pellets of fine green tea flavoured with mint. Distinctive, full flavoured aged black tea. There's free UK delivery on all orders over £15. Flavors include green tea, flavored green tea, black tea, flavored black tea, white tea, herbal tisane, flavored herbal tisane, rooibos herbal tisane, and flavored rooibos herbal tisane. Measure out approximately one teaspoon of tea per cup and place in a tea infuser or a teapot with a strainer. Take a look at our range of Organic Loose Leaf Tea, we've got green tea, oolong tea, black tea, herbal tea and much more! Zingy, aromatic, exotic; a taste of Africa. Country of origin: China, Elegant needles of refreshing, aromatic oolong tea. You may opt out any time. Discover black, green, white, yellow and red loose leaf teas and infusions - from delicate flowers to sumptuous herbs. At Cup of Tea, we love all things tea! If you need an infuser before you get started, we can help with that too. Waitrose Assam Loose Leaf Tea 125g. Scented with bergamot flavour, for a light soothing afternoon drink. "forest": "//" To manage your cookie settings click manage your cookie preferences or visit our Cookie Policy page. A commemorative collection of loose tea tins celebrating London and Britishness. Discover rare and single-origin loose-leaf teas from across the world. It's all you need to use loose leaf - it really is that easy - and it's only £8.95. Join our mailing list and receive a newsletter on all things LEAF. Free UK Delivery | Worldwide Delivery Costs £8.50 *, Rooibos Super Grade Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Assam Garden Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Verbena Verveine Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Jasmine Flavoured Chinese Green Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Sweet Pi Lo Chun Chinese Green Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Pu Erh Kunming Chinese Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Earl Grey Flavoured Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Chennai Chai Spiced Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Assam Tonganagaon Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Pai Mu Tan Chinese White Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Nami Sencha Japanese Green Tea by Morimoto – Organic Loose Leaf, Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Dao Ren Feng Superior Chinese Green Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Cui Min White Tips Chinese White Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Darjeeling Tumsong First Flush Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Bancha Japanese Green Tea by Hayashi – Organic Loose Leaf, Superior Fancy Oolong Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Darjeeling Seeyok Second Flush Black Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Green Jade Snail Chinese Green Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Jasmine Silver Dragon Pearls Chinese Green Tea – Organic Loose Leaf, Fancy Sencha Japanese Green Tea by Morimoto – Organic Loose Leaf, White Tea – The rarest and most prized of all teas, First Flush Darjeeling Teas – The Essential Guide.


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