This is easy to fix by purchasing an adapter, though. It has two polar patterns, adapts to different situations with the help of an excellent app, and arrives with a robust tripod. The Raspberry’s stand is versatile but small and too close to the flat surface it rests on. Long hailed as the “ World’s Most Versatile Mic “… The Shure SM57 has been the staple of both stage and studio for longer than most of us have been alive. It goes for about $1,000 new, but I got mine for around $600 used. There’s no Lightning or USB-C version of the microphone, yet that would address this. You can ask for a replacement if this happens to you, but do it quickly since the SmartMic’s warranty only lasts a couple of months. I miss that guyheh The world’s most popular vocal mic. We pomise.). This is an intentional decision since Shure assumes you’ll be attaching your phone to the tripod. Doing so is useful since you can position the MV5 to pick your voice up without having to stoop to be heard. The condenser microphone comes with a metal stand that lifts it 5.5 inches from the ground and lets you angle it forward or back. The bright output makes the Raspberry more susceptible to plosives, but moving your mouth slightly to the side goes a long way in getting rid of them. Portability is the best thing about the smartLav+. A shotgun mic is your best bet for these conditions, and Rode’s VideoMic Me is the closest thing you’ll get to a proper one for mobile use. The microphone is great for vocals but isn’t suitable for recording concerts and other performances due to its capsule’s narrow capture angle. You set it up so that your or a guest’s voice can be heard clearly and can forget about it afterward. It performs equally well for recording live bands and podcasts, sermons, or sing-alongs. Playing around with Digital Signal Processing helps you optimize the MV88+ for various situations. A mic has to sound good though, and there are no complaints from us regarding its audio performance. It’s easy to use and contains important features like an equalizer, recording to 48 kHz WAV, and sharing your files in various ways. The adapter attaches to the Raspberry on one end and screws into traditional stands on the other if you’re recording in a studio setting. On the other hand, the pattern is flexible enough for you to speak directly into the grille or to the microphone’s side without issue. Shure offers a larger, less expensive microphone as part of the Motive lineup that’s almost as capable as the MV88+ at a fraction of its price. The Mini SmartMic holds up to its name as it’s the smallest mobile microphone we’ve tested. That mic on your favorite guitar player’s amp…probably an SM57 as well. Rode also supported their lav mic with a recording app that lets you specify file types and bitrates as well as share the files online. ready to have your mind expanded by the possibilities and taste a bit of the future before everyone else. The Mini SmartMic by Saramonic is proof that not all mobile recording devices have to be expensive or be from a well-known brand. Check out what our picks have to offer and make garbled, muffled audio recorded with your smartphone a thing of the past. Audio recorded with the Raspberry is clear, bright, and particularly suited to bring out the best in vocals. It has a flexible clamp that easily adapts to phones of varying thicknesses and can be used with cases. This doesn’t always happen, so the problem lies in Shure’s quality control. This leaves you with a clean signal you can apply equalizer and compression settings to in your audio editor of choice. It excels at recording business meetings, interviews, or lectures as it cuts down on outside interference while honing in on the speaker. Your email address will not be published. You also get a stand and an adapter. The Shure QLXD 24 digital wireless mic system is an incredible choice for speakers, houses of worship, and musicians in a mid-sized venue. The microphone has the same excellent cardioid capsule as the slightly larger Rode VideoMicro but is optimized for smartphone use. It’s currently undergoing an overhaul and isn’t available, though. The MV5 is a sphere-shaped retro condenser mic with several DSP presets and a simple yet useful app. You can use it as a simple stand for the MV88+ or add your phone in either front-or back-facing positions. There’s no monitoring headphone pass-through, which isn’t surprising considering the size and price. This increases the setup’s functionality since you get to either angle the mic away and concentrate on filming someone else or align it with the phone and monitor yourself while vlogging. Expect less interference from rumbling trains or planes and no hissing as a result. Its aluminum body helps block radio waves, which are a source of interference that often degrades regular smartphone recording quality. As with all Shure microphones, it has a rugged construction and is well built. You’ll lose out on deep, rumbling base but gain cleaner sound as a tradeoff. Get The stand lets you rotate the Raspberry 360 degrees while also allowing for backward and forward tilting. Knobs on either side adjust the gain and headphone volume, while MicroUSB and headphone ports are in the back. Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to our newsletter to get interesting stories delivered to your inbox! You get cables for Android and iPhone alike. 8. The mic’s audio quality may drop with use as hissing and static make their way into recordings.


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