There’s a lot of fat in cheese and butter. The preposition at is used in the following descriptions of time: In certain fixed expressions which refer to specific points in time. Or if we think of a smaller place as three-dimensional, we can use in, e.g. Prepositions, place, direction, time in English, Exercise. We arrived at the campsite two hours ago. Articles, tips and activities on teaching adjectives, from our panel of expert authors. There’s a wedding in the church this afternoon. Let’s start by looking at how we talk about time. At is used for showing specific temperatures, prices and speeds: And more generally to talk about the level or rate of something: Interest rates have stayed at this level for several months. An article on approaches to teaching the prepositions of time and place, at, in and on. On is used to show when the surface of something accidentally hits or touches a part of the body: She banged her head on the cupboard door. ©Macmillan Education Limited 2020. Time Prepositions Exercise 2 Click here to review the information about time prepositions Click here to download this exercise in PDF. I had a cup of coffee at Helen’s (house/flat). Tips and activities to help you teach prepositions relating to movement and position. Our experts provide a compendium of tips and ideas for teaching nouns, prepositions and relative clauses in English. The train stops at Birmingham and Bristol. The prepositions at, in and on are often used in English to talk about places (positions) and times. We’re going to the theatre on Wednesday evening. The bank is on the corner of King’s Street. used with holidays, but the meaning is different. 8)Mobile at the same time We finished eating at the same time. In is used to show that someone is wearing something: Do you know that girl in the black dress? is more common in spoken English, For example. I’ll see you Friday. Sometimes the choice of one over another in a particular phrase or sentence seems arbitrary. In is used to show when something is part of something else: I’ve found one or two spelling mistakes in your essay. Try another exercise about prepositions of time here Go back to the main prepositions exercises page. The money is in the top drawer of my desk. An article outlining teaching approaches for prepositions relating to movement. at the moment I’m watching a video at the moment. Thinking of the prepositions in these terms helps us explain certain facts. Note that in spoken English, on is often omitted in this context, e.g. Orgiva is a very small village in the mountains. Prepositions of Time IN ON AT. English speakers use in to refer to a general, longer period of time, such as months, years, decades, or centuries. My name is Zaki Badr.I am an online English teacher. was a loud noise which woke us up________ midnight. They managed to finish the job in two weeks. I studied German at college/school/university. means I met her at last year’s conference. Finally, take the quiz to check your understanding. There are several valuable paintings in the collection. The preposition at is used in the following descriptions of place/position: The preposition on is used in the following descriptions of place/position: With surfaces, or things that can be thought of as surfaces, With roads/streets, or other things that can be thought of as a line, e.g. Write the number down on a piece of paper. translate and are best learned through conversation. Need more practice? 2) She usually has a sleep in the afternoon. Native speakers use the preposition IN to refer to a general, longer period of time.. 3) My In generally refers to longer periods of time, several hours or more. at present She’s not in at present. on – is a mechanism which usually describes something in relation to a second, often linear dimension, hence it relates to the calendar (days and dates) and surfaces or lines. Articles, tips and activities covering everything you need to know about verbs and tenses, including reported speech, passives and modals. Company number: 1755588 VAT number: 199440621. means In + Parts of the day rivers. father always reads the paper _____ breakfast time. songs, and poetry. We can think of at as one-dimensional, referring to a specific place or position in space. However, if we analyse patterns of occurrence we can identify key concepts in meaning and usage which consistently apply and can be used as a platform for learning. is On is used with dates and named days of the week. similar ideas, but there is a difference in usage between the two words. At is generally used in reference to specific times on the clock or points of time in the day. 5) 7) is during the Christmas season (late December).


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