1 When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. They may produce more fruit in these foreign nations than in the apostate, hard-hearted Western world. Why? Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then it was said among the nations, “The L ord has done great things for them.” 3. God wasn’t finished with His people at this point, for they would come back to the land with Ezra and Nehemiah. However depressing these times may be for the church, the seeds themselves bear hope. But God in His providential care of the church will not let it disappear off the face of the earth. These are sad and difficult days, and hopes grow dim. 4. The story of Psalm 126. Whole Psalm. Wherefore we take this Psalm to be a prophecy of the redemption that should come by Jesus Christ, and the publishing of the gospel, whereby the kingdom of Christ is advanced, and death and the devil with all the powers of darkness are vanquished. Thursday. Perhaps the seeds will go with missionaries and exiles from the Western countries into other nations that have less access to the Gospel of Christ. In New Testament language, when unbelievers hear the convicting Word of Truth preached and sung, they fall on their faces and worship God, confessing that God is in the midst of these people (1 Cor. After experiencing a low point in the history of the church (and all the grief associated with it), our spirits are wonderfully restored when God chooses to restore and reform the church of Christ. Rivers of Babylon Psalm 137 has been set to music more times than you can image. How easy is that for you? Every thought, every impulse, every emotion that sweeps over the soul is recorded in this book. Given their joy and their confidence in the resurrection of Christ, God must have done great things for them! 5. It may feel surreal at first. 3. Generously provided by, all the volumes in the BE Bible Study Series, When God returned His people to their homeland after the Babylonian captivity, even the Gentiles neighbors confessed, “The, How can you apply the principle of sowing and reaping (. 1. The vision of Generations (formerly Generations with Vision) is 31:1 In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness. have about our ministry. Every dying plant retains the seeds, and the “dead” seeds were carried into the Babylonian captivity. family, discipleship, and education. 14:25). At first glance, she could hardly believe that God was answering prayers. 2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them. Phone: (888) 389-9080 churches around the world through our daily radio programs, Q. A. Do you remember the little girl Rhoda in the Book of Acts? What two groups recognize the goodness of God upon the people of God (according to verses 2 and 3)? How do we walk with Him? Family Discussion Questions: 1. We can understand this joy when we understand their pain (see Ps 137). The last remnant of the church was now in exile, and it was a discouraging time (as depicted in Psalm 137). These are times of great celebration, when God has restored a remnant of the church and a remnant of authentic faith. For every true believer in Yahweh God, this represented a new start and a reformation of the church. Back to top. The Psalms even move Charlie. A. To print the 50 Discussion Questions for Psalms 101-150 – Click Here. And during times of decline in the church, it appears to be dying. What does our relationship with God look like? Q. Someone has said that there are 126 psychological experiences—I don’t know how they arrived at that number—but I do know that all of them are recorded in the Book of Psalms. Friday. Unbelievers who are warming to the gospel detect the conviction of the truth, because it is present, because it is manifest in the words and the attitudes and demeanor of the Christians there. Monday. What is the context of this psalm? These are times of rejoicing, for we know that any evidence of spiritual life is nothing less than a supernatural work of the Spirit. Questions: 1. Some day, shallow and man-centered worship will be replaced with God-centered, worship-in-Spirit-and-truth again. A. "A Prayer of Mission" - Psalm 126 Questions for Discussion & Reflection: When the people recall how God brought them out of Babylon, they remember their great joy (vv 2-3). 2. Who brought the sheaves back to Jerusalem after the exile? When she saw Peter released from prison, she thought she had seen a ghost. Some Bible students think that this psalm is about the *Jews returning from Babylon. Does God record the sins we act out? What two groups recognize the goodness of God upon the people of God (according to verses 2 and 3)? Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you (from notes) Psalms were used in the Temple sanctuary in Jerusalem as an offering of song to accompany the offering of sacrifices. Wednesday. What makes this such a joyful time? 2. Who brought the sheaves back to Jerusalem after the exile? In what places is the church in decline today, and where is the church experiencing tremendous growth? Have you ever had such a wonderful experience that for a moment you wondered if it could be real? After all of their rebellion, and the various tribulations God had brought upon His people over the previous 600 years, now it was apparent that the Lord was willing to “give it another try.” This illustrates the covenantal faithfulness of God. B.C. to pass on the faith to the next generation through the biblical


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