This is because in his art, Raphael portrayed noble and ideal individuals who move with dignity and grace through an intelligible and ordered world.This was achieved by unifying the movements of his figures and the spaces he created for them into integrated, harmonious compositions. The light from the window in the background of the piece fills the scene, enhancing its three-dimensional solidity. Alive for only 37 prolific and passionate years, Raphael blazed a comet's trail of painting throughout the apex of the Italian High Renaissance. In many of his earliest offerings, egg tempera was used - a mixture common with artists of this period, including Perugino. Using a female nude model in itself was unusual (Raphael himself had previously employed boys as models for female figures).Despite these changes, Raphael's methods as a painter were remarkably consistent. Raphael painted on paper, and even perhaps vellum, and each of his tapestry cartoons consists of numerous sheets of paper glued together. Indeed, Raphael's young hand must have played a part in many of Perugino's major commissions.Raphael's debt to Perugino is evident when comparing Marriage of the Virgin to Perugino's Christ Handing the Keys to Saint Peter. The Stanza della Segnatura was used by Julius II as a library and private office and takes its name from its use later in the sixteenth century as the highest court of the Holy See presided over by the pontiff Segnatura Gratiae et ilustitiae. Times Literary Supplement (TLS) / A compositional study for the early St Nicholas of Tolentino altarpiece shows his concern for underlying geometric structure in composition and his practice of studying each figure separately from a living model. This vindicated Pope Julius II's decision to award him the commission, and also laid the foundation for his trust in Raphael in conferring on him the artistic responsibilities that followed. From a childhood spent in his painter father's workshop to his adult life running one of the largest workshops of its kind, he garnered a reputation as one of the most productive artists of his time. Raphael's order is not merely intellectual - the figures in his works seem to be impelled by an energy that causes them to twist and turn gracefully into his characteristic spherical compositions. He is, alongside Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, considered an equal part of the holy trinity of master artists of his time. For example, Leonardo's compositional ideas lie behind Raphael's portrait of Maddalena Doni, and also the Florentine landscapes in which the figures are arranged into a pyramid or cone, with each part retaining a dynamic and organic relationship to the others.Raphael's drawing style also changed in Florence, where more of his work was in pen and ink, often used as a rougher means of generating and exploring ideas as well as defining them. The graceful figur… As Joseph places the ring on Mary's finger, one of the two disappointed competing suitors is shown breaking his staff. St Augustine and St Ambrose are seated to the right of the altar and Pope Gregory I and St Jerome to the left. The gestures of the philosophers depicted in the fresco have been subject to considerable academic interpretation and debate, however it is not clear how much of their philosophy Raphael would have been familiar with. Date Created: 1509-1511 The School of Athens is another fresco in the Stanza della Segnatura,... 2. Also known as Lo Sposalizio, The Marriage of the Virgin was commissioned by the Albizzini family for the chapel of St. Joseph in the Franciscan church of San Francesco of the Minorities at Città di Castello. Also included in the painting is a self-portrait of Raphael wearing a black beret on the right corner of the fresco standing next to fellow-artist and friend Il Sodoma who was one of the artists whose work Raphael was ordered to paint over. Also identifiable are Pythagoras in the foreground, Euclid on the right, Zoroaster holding the heavenly sphere, Ptolemy holding the earthly sphere, and Diogenes on the stairs holding a dish. Italian Painter, Printmaker, and Architect. One can note the same array of foreground figures, the same polygonal background temple and the same intervening piazza. The high vaulted ceiling with a view of the sky gives the feeling that we are entering into the realm of super human thought and activity and increases the sense of awe of being in the company of men so instrumental in shaping our understanding of the world.


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