When a consumer sees a special display or can get a coupon instantly, manufacturers hope the easy availability or the discount will convince them to buy, increasing overall sales in the process. The motivation behind giving away samples is to get people to buy a product. In addition to their primary purpose of boosting sales in the near term, companies can use consumer sales promotions to help them understand price sensitivity. Another very popular sales promotion for consumers is a premium. _____is the purpose of public relation activities to create good image of the company in the mind of the people. When you get a rebate, you are refunded part (or all) of the purchase price of a product after completing a form and sending it to the manufacturer with your proof of purchase. in complex selling situations. We don’t want spam, long infomercials, identity theft & financial fraud. Trade allowances give channel partners—for example, a manufacturer’s wholesalers, distributors, retailers, etc.—different incentives to push a product to its customers. A sample is a sales promotion in which a small amount of a product that is for sale is given to consumers to try. Mobile marketing and the Internet give consumers in international markets access to coupons and other promotions. Trade shows can be very successful, although the companies that participate in them need to follow-up on the leads generated at the shows. Sales promotions can be a two-edged sword: if a company is continually handing out product samples and coupons, it can risk tarnishing the company’s brand. Sales promotions are a marketing communication tool for stimulating revenue or providing incentives or extra value to distributers, sales staff, or customers over a short time period. Click Marketing Fundamentals to go back to the main subject page for Marketing Fundamentals. Free samples of Starbucks Mocha Toffee Latte. Examples of IMC support for sales promotions include: These types of activities create synergies between the sales promotions and other marketing activities. Communicating to Mass Markets, from Introducing Marketing. Your response should integrate external resources, which should be consistent with APA writing style and format (6th edition) and reflect higher level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis and or evaluation). Based on the information provided, put yourself in the position of a marketing consultant brought in to the company to critically examine the company’s repositioning efforts, and then formulate a set of well-developed and supported recommendations to the company’s senior leadership team. Coupon machines placed in stores are a type of point-of-purchase display. Sales Promotion is the act of influencing consumer perception & behaviour to build market share & sales to reinforce brand image. Every day, there are news stories published on a variety of topics related to environmental science. People try the product, the person providing the sample tells consumers about it, and mentions any special pricing or offers for the product. While many consumers cut coupons from the inserts in Sunday newspapers, other consumers find coupons for products and stores online. Database performance can be evaluated with recency, frequency & monetary value of purchase. Personal Selling. Remember wanting your favorite cereal because there was a toy in the box? Integrated marketing is essential for any organization in today’s crowded and competitive markets. Perhaps the salesperson was getting push money—a cash incentive from the manufacturer to push a particular item. Usually consists of short term incentives to encourage the purchase of a good or service but can have long term objectives. Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising, and Sales Promotion Companies must do more than just create customer value. o Taco Bell and IMC (Links to an external site.) If, after each sales dip, a business offers another sales promotion, it can be damaging to the long-term value of its brand. Q18._____ is an element of “Sales Promotion” includes distribution of free samples, organizing trade fair, exhibition, offers, discount coupon etc. Although sampling is an expensive strategy, it is usually very effective for food products. Sales Promotion, a key ingredient in marketing campaigns, consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly short. Offering too many freebies can signal to customers that they are not purchasing a prestigious or “limited” product. Advertising has four characteristics: it is persuasive in nature; it is non-personal; it is paid for by an identified sponsor; and it is disseminated through mass channels of communication. Under the concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC), the company must carefully … Sales promotions are delivered to targeted groups via marketing campaigns during a pre-set, limited amount of time. Please review the short video I posted in the Announcements to view excellent examples of successful IMC! Contests are games of skill offered by a company, that offer consumers the chance to win a prize. particular products or services by consumers or the trade. A variety of different sales promotions are conducted online. A trade show is an event in which firms in a particular industry display and demonstrate their offerings to the organizations and people they hope will buy them. This is the end of this topic. IMC Support for Sales Promotions Sales promotions are delivered to targeted groups via marketing campaigns during a pre-set, limited amount of time. Contests and sweepstakes are also popular consumer sales promotions. Personal selling is also one of the most effective tools for integrated marketing … Sweepstakes are often structured as some variation on a random drawing. This page was last modified on 24 December 2012, at 21:55. Usually consists of short term incentives to encourage the purchase of a good or service but can have long term objectives. Sales people either make “cold” calls on potential customers and/or respond to inquiries. Typically an organization has many different options for trade show participation. Free merchandise, such as a tool, television, or other product produced by the manufacturer, can also be used to induce retailers to sell products to consumers.


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