You can play the pentatonic scale up by opening the finger holes one by one like on the image above. The flute is an amazing instrument, but it can be hard to start playing. * When there are alternate fingerings, you can see them by clicking on "alternate fingerings." The hole in the mouthpiece has a sharp edge, known as a fipple, and it is the air passing across this that makes the sound. To play the flute you hold it out to one side (to your right) and blow across the mouthpiece to create the sound. if you want to learn how to play flute, you should start with the basics. You don’t have to know a ton about music theory, but it will take some practice at the beginning. * Click on any note on the score to see its fingering. Speaking of posture, there are a few key things you should remember to help you learn how to play flute notes comfortably. Proper Posture for Learning Flute Notes. First, let your fingers curve over the top of your keys using the least amount of tension, without feeling like you’ll drop the flute. How to Play the Flute Fingering diagrams for the flute Try and touch the written notes for the notes you want to play! Just lift the finger up. A Native American flute can play multiple scales – but for now, do not worry about it, focus on the basics first, and later on you will be able to expand your knowledge. To make the different notes you cover and uncover holes with a system of keys operated by rods and levers.


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