What does this mean? Make sure to subscribe to phenomenal creations! Hope that helps! Hi Jon, thanks for that feedback, really useful! I also travel a lot so would want to take it with me when I travel. Hope this helps! Blue Yeti and the I plan on starting an interview type podcast so will just be talking with one other person. Or, try plugging the same mic into a different mixer/recorder/system, and that’ll tell you if the recording device is causing it. The Samson Q2U or the ATR2100 are lower cost, and could well do the trick as an alternative. The ATR2100 would be ideal, but any dynamic mic with a cardioid polar pattern will help you to isolate those other sounds. break anytime. I’d love simplicity in whatever I buy next. This is a definite must have. The Blue Yeti is extremely heavy, so it’s hard to attach a boom arm. No problem! As for background noise, the best way to eliminate it is to eliminate it! microphone offerings from all the major microphone brands, Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone,Black, Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac, 3 Condenser Capsules, 4 Pickup Patterns, Headphone Output and Volume Control, Mic Gain Control, Adjustable Stand, Plug & Play – Blackout, Beginners Most Detailed Guitar Buying Guide and Tips, How to Sing Better Fast and Improve Your Singing Voice, Slightly chunky, an important factor for video streamers, On-desk stand adjustment not quite as easy at Yeti, USB Mini-B connector, not as common as it once was, Many convenient features, but sound clarity slightly lacking. https://www.thepodcasthost.com/equipment/samson-q2u-podcasting-review/. have to say that it’s just great. Why? You wont be able to take it anywhere easily, and you will need that mixer or digital recorder to provide the power, unless you find a battery powered mic. “good” and not “great”. The Yeti, though, is built to be plug and play, easy to use, requiring no other equipment. The next in this group is a USB condenser microphone that’s one of the most popular podcast microphones in the world. In this post I’ll do a deepdive into both mics, give you some of their features, specifications, and more… and lastly I’ll do a quick comparison of both as well as give you my opinion on which you should get. Or maybe you just I’ve been curious about the Yeti and know a few folks who use one and are happy with it. Make sure you are purchasing from authorized dealers. So, yea, the Rode Nt1 is a condenser, so it’ll pick up a lot of background, and a big frequency range. For communication with the computer, there is a USB output. Interesting question Drew. I’d not normally recommend it because it’s a condenser and so it’s pretty sensitive. When you plug your headphones into the jack there may be some crackling noise coming from the mic. If you want that extra level of depth to your Podcast, it could be worth going for a condenser microphone, but with some caveats. You can control the levels from your Now, they are very different and knowing these differences is something that will help you make a better decision. Does it appear in the background along with your voice, and when you’re not speaking there is no hiss on the recording? Audio-Technica AT2020+ USB, which is a similar mic to the Rode NT USB in If you really want to go pro, and you’ve got a mixer/interface to link it to, then this could be a great starting point! monitoring, and the Direct mix control between mic input and source output. This means you need a nice quiet recording environment to take advantage of the quality they offer. You’re able to track exactly what you’re recording and listening to through headphones. The NT-1 has been one of the best large-diaphragm microphones for at-home and in-studio users since its release. The problem is, because of their sensitivity, condenser microphones tend to pick up a lot of background noise. And I record a lot of tutorials. Hi, I’ve been trying to figure out which microphone I should buy. An alternative might be the Behringer C1’s USB version, the Behringer C1U. button, plus the audio doesn’t distort when recording hot signals, as long as With greater demand comes greater supply, and now you’ll find USB microphone offerings from all the major microphone brands. You’ll also need to download ASIO4ALL, take a look at my video tutorial – https://vimeo.com/186398050/a1bc5c6c4c, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on best headset. However, I would recommend the AT2020 USB for that. Would you be able to send over an MP3? Which has a tv playing in the next room, a loud wife, and two loud children. I’ll read your guide thoroughly and I’ll send you the first episode when it’s done (it will be in French though , Yep, definitely Laure. Take Tim Ferriss for example – millions of downloads per episode and still mostly recording on an ATR2100 or an SM58, last time I looked. I want excellent audio quality. With using 2 USB mics, yes that’s possible. The Blue Yeti sounds a bit darker, offers Many people commented on this. Hi Colin, I’d love to see you write a blog about an associated topic – room acoustics and reverb. Do you need to record a bunch of I would say, seriously, this is overkill for nearly anyone, even if you're broadcasting to millions. Over 5 different microphones that cater specifically to new media, the NT-USB included, have been specifically designed with the spoken voice in mind, including bundles, which we’ll highlight in a bit, to transform a simple at-home desk into a formidable mini recording studio.


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