I just had a dream where I entreated several Bulls into my home, then I realized I could be crushed in my bedroom so I escaped through the window. A dream where you see a bull being sacrificed could be an indicator of your lack of will. In the interpretation of dreams, the difference between the bull and the bull is the ox appears meek, docile, slow and sometimes old, while the bull is brave, agile and fast. People who see bull chasing them needs to change their lifestyle Dreaming about a black bull. Dreaming of meek black bulls can be deciphered as a symbol of prosperity and tranquility, it can also personify the inner strength that person has to achieve concrete goals in his life project. We no longer have the strength to face the daily challenges. It is the most primitive symbol of instinctual forces and rampant in all its aspects, both as creators destroyers. Dream elderly people dressed in white suggests that the dreamer or a relative are in poor health. This dream is about confidence and making sure that your dreams are clear. I dreamed of a black bull, but the bull was intelligent and was like a pet. Dream of killing a black bull: very careful with this dream, we may be betraying the trust of a close person or creating problems in the field of work or business. Waking life doesn’t need to be all about success and aggression towards achieving the things you want. If the cat is black traitor be a false friend. Dreaming the ghost of a dead friend announces unpleasant trips. Had a dream of a huge black bull (10x bigger) with scars on its left side of its body, it spoke to me and asked me why are you afraid of me. Dreaming of bull fight – If you dreamed of observing a bull fight, that dream could symbolize some people from your surroundings who fight all the time. Take time and think about it! Dreaming about a white bull. If the bull is black, you should be very careful what you do and say, because the enemies are dangerous. and follow path of dharma. When a bull is chasing us in a dream, it means that we are fleeing from authority or forces that we believe are superior to us. Is it true? Killing a bull after being attacked by one indicates success. This can also be a dream that occurs in certain circumstances or conflicts that occur in our lives. It suggests that you may need to confront certain issues you have with someone. On the other hand, it could be an indication of power which you have felt before in the past. Bull ChargingDreaming about bull charging at something randomly, suggests that you may need to tackle the problem straight on. I knew something was wrong because of his roar and knew he was angry and I could see him making his way to where we were and the new bull. Dreaming one or more horses in passive attitude bodes well, as insinuated quiet days, no worries. It is a dream connected to the natural urges which you feel and could come from your love, family, or someplace. One attacked me and i was able to escape then just few moments later another also attacks me. When you have a dream where you see a raging bull, it is a sign that, your desires and passions are no longer controllable. Much of the above also applies to men…. as if it was trying to figure out if I was alive or not. To dream that the very distant braying of a donkey suggests that someone in the family is about to die and that likely inheritors will take strong suits is heard. The appearance of the black bull is imposing, it is a majestic animal. They are aggressive and know what they want. If the ingot or silver object are blackened represents the possibility of serious losses because of what they symbolize that object, and if it has meant the loss is attributed to a woman. If the dress is black, and even worse if it’s ugly and poor quality, it suggests that there are jealousies and selfishness around. Dreaming of a black bull is a warning omen. Approaching an animal like a bull is not easy. To dream that a bull chases and injures a person can mean that due to problems outside the dreamer will suffer. Do you feel the need to have someone in your life right now? A black bull, it means that you are encountering a difficult time and maybe someone in your life is overly stubborn. Dreams with bulls will teach us what is the way and what is the situation in which we encounter our inner being. To dream that threatens a panther symbolizes that the enemies try to harm the dreamer. is an ancient scripture known as Swapna Shastra which gives interpretation and Don’t worry, it’s not a bad dream at all. Dream one more donkeys indicates problems resulting from mistakes, perhaps being deceived or pretend merely illusory, chimerical objectives, all of which in some cases can lead to legal problems if in sleep the donkey is very dark or black | however, when it appears white it suggests that problems resolved favorably because white symbolizes intelligence and equanimity. Dreamed dressed in many colors suggests that soon will change fortune. It stands in front of me exhales air very heavily by staring at me. I would like an interpretation of my dream if possible, I dreamed of bulls that were meat eaters and chase my group most of them got eaten. It is time for you to “take the bull by the horns” so that you can master yourself and attain all your power by conquering your inner self. So what does it imply? If you are currently in love, then it is a sign that, you are having a strong sexual desire which you are trying to control. Are they worth the time and effort you are putting into them? Anyone who dreams that are in the presence of a marriage and suggests good news coming joys | but when she marries and those attending the ceremony appear dressed in black, he suggests that the dreamer will suffer disappointments and sorrows. Often, our dreams are inspired suggestions that we can use to remedy daily situations.


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