Goten and Trunks fusing into Gotenks was clearly a powerful transformation, but we had already seen their base form was no match for even Fat Buu. It cemented Vegeta as someone who could take on the protagonist role, even if he'd go on to make a few more-than-questionable decisions in the future. Summoning the strength to perform the move transformed the scrawny Master Roshi into a buff warrior that had everyone around him trembling with fear. There have been so many new forms throughout Dragon Ball's history, with more still occurring seemingly every week thanks to new episodes of Dragon Ball Super. And when the light and the dust faded, Broly's hulking new form was revealed. You couldn't ask for more emotion to be packed into a fight. It was a unique take on a villain, but it also felt juvenile and hard to take seriously. Goku realized what was going on and finally decided to help his son tap into that power when Cell threatened the Earth. 15 goku turns super saiyan 4 We're kicking things off with what many fans consider Dragon Ball GT's best contribution to the franchise. And for a while, it seemed like the Buu saga wasn't even trying to top the evil of the former villains, instead going with Fat Buu, who was a destructive yet innocent force. Fat Buu had so little evil intent in him that Hercule eventually had him on the verge of becoming a good guy. The most he could do is recognize a friendly face and maybe know that he didn't want to hurt that person. He would later demonstrate his ability as Jackie Chun, but his first impressive display came when he unveiled his signature technique: the Kamehameha wave. The warrior was also christened Vekū (ベクウ, Bekū) by the Kaiō of the South, when appearing as a his weaker version. This was the moment when Frieza demonstrated he really was going to be the greatest challenge the characters had ever faced. When Battle of Gods was unveiled and it was announced the franchise would be continuing on in a new series, we knew Goku would be getting a new transformation. Goku's ascent to this form was the measuring stick by which all other transformations would be compared going forth. Goku was not trained to control his Great Ape form like Vegeta, so he lost all control in this form. And as the franchise continued, Frieza would almost always appear in his final form from this point on, despite saying that it was more of a strain on his body. And one of the first transformations of the entire franchise was no exception, even though it involved Master Roshi of all people. But when he was revived and realized his rival Goku had attained the legendary form, Vegeta refused to let that stand. Goku's Super Saiyan form looked awesome, made him into a more serious warrior than we had ever seen, and marked the shift in momentum where we finally got to see payback against Frieza. Even though he was already dead, Goku revealed his power hadn't stopped growing when he unveiled what would become the strongest canonical state a Saiyan could reach for years. New fans would probably wonder why the new form was introduced if it wasn't going to be utilized in the final battle. Even though we had seen evil Saiyans in the franchise like Turles, Raditz, and Nappa, we had never seen an evil Super Saiyan before. Even though Goku's father Bardock was technically the first Saiyan of the franchise, Goku was the first one we actually saw. This was the moment that was built up for so many episodes, the thing Vegeta craved, and the thing Frieza feared more than anything. In a way they, were even more memorable because of how rare they were. Not only was it impressive that the kids could attain such power at such a young age, but it was the first moment Super Buu finally looked like he could be defeated. GT is the shortest series in the Dragon Ball franchise, so it shouldn't be surprising that it also has the fewest transformations. Obviously, not each one is going to be great though, so we want to weed out the forgettable moments to focus on the really incredible changes that the characters have gone through. It gave Goku some spiffy red anime hair, as well as the power of a god. And visually, it was a cool look. Which transformation stands out the most in your memory from the franchise? Weaknesses Only buffing ability comes from going Super Saiyan (barbarian rage), 1 in 10 chance of a critical hit, low AC and hit points. But good ole' Goku proved to be too damn popular. Beerus quickly showed why he should be taken seriously when he easily overpowered Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form, the most powerful non-fused character up until this point. It was Gohan's shining moment in the franchise, and a payoff to years of build-up. He revealed the extreme conditions he put his body and mind through to match Goku, as well as his willingness to die if he couldn't surpass his rival. Most of the transformations are ones that the characters are able to access whenever they want, but there are a few rare ones that have been cool as well.


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