The city environment is no dance floor, instead it's crammed with kerbs, cobblestones, potholes and obstacles. Sweden. Slideable seat for increase leg room when walking. As Trionic designers we don't settle for anything less than excellence in everything we create. Height-adjustable grips, free from fixed increments. Our rollators are specifically designed for the outdoors and they promote both your mobility and your health! The suspension, airfilled tires and the 3-wheel-design offer unbeatable comfort and consistent ground contact. The Veloped is in fact the only truly off-road capable rollator/walker on the market. Trionic Veloped and Walker rollators promote activity and quality of life. We call it the “terminator” as it leaves all other rollators trailing behind it. Walker 14er with 14"/36 cm big wheels and pneumatic tires. It's suited for both indoor- and outdoor use. 25 years of experience from bicyclee racing, coaching and bicycle design has been put into practise when designing the Veloped. Its patented syncro steering, 12” big wheels and air-pressured tires guarantee you a very comfortable ride, and it’s perfect for every urban and outdoor area. It also has a CE mark. 753 23 Uppsala It greatly reduces the impact and stress on your body that can be caused by fitness walking. A proper ”hunting walker” needs to perform well in all off-road terrain. If you lead an active lifestyle, the Veloped is your ideal choice of wheeled walker. Walker 12er with 12"/31 cm big wheels and pneumatic tires. Conventional rollators have rock-hard solid tires that offer nothing in the way of comfort when you are walking on cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground. They also have a distinct tread that offers you a secure grip and optimal safety. The Veloped Tour is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). [veloped: lateinisch velo- = fast; see velocity + lateinisch ped- = foot; see -ped.]. Conventional rollators have rock-hard solid tires that offer nothing in the way of comfort when you are walking on cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground. This costs less energy and provides more comfort, even when walking along forest paths, bumpy roads or when walking around in old city centers. This model features 4 handle height positions. They are all, without exception, 3-wheelers. Wheeled vehicle propelled by pushing it when walking along the ground. The Veloped Golf has two golf bags that are attached to the main frame. Leave your phone number and we will give you a call. With all the benefits of the climbing wheel, the suspension, the 3-wheel design and its air-filled tires, the Veloped Golf finds itself very much at home on the golf course. Trionic offers the best outdoor walkers, rollators, and walking aids. When overcoming a lower obstacle, for example a lowered curbstone at a zebra crossing, you only need a fraction of the pushing force a single wheel requires. By walking with the Veloped for a total of 30 minutes a day you will meet doctors’ recommendations for physical activity. Walker 12er with 12"/31 cm big wheels and pneumatic tires. As a result the rollator often comes to an abrupt stop, and there is a considerable risk of the user tripping or even falling over. Now you can fully enjoy fitness walking – feeling safe and free to go wherever you want. By using a Veloped you’ll make quick progress on your way to a healthier and longer life, and it’s the perfect choice of exercise if all you need is a little support when walking, hiking or running. In comparison with conventional rollators with 8"/20 cm small wheels, thanks to their bigger wheels the Walkers manage curbs, cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground with both greater ease and higher comfort. If you like walking with your walker on rough terrain, a walker with pneumatic tires is the best choice. You are required to hike along trails and dirt roads in order to get there. The longer seat, in combination with rigid plastic inserts, offers plenty of support along the legs. The Walker 9er is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). The Veloped Jakt is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). The Veloped offers you major benefits also in urban areas, and it's not a walker only intended for off-road use. It is the first ever rollator with 14” big wheels (36 cm). Foldable frame and detachable wheels with quick-release axles. It also has a CE mark. Märstagatan 8 The basket loads your water bottle, some extra clothing and whatever you might need along the fairway. The Walker 9er is the most compact model and it’s light and compact for easy storage and transport. One zippered outer compartment and two mesh pockets swallow your smaller items. The shoulder straps can be hidden in a separate pocket. The backpack fits nicely into the basket, and with a full-length zip you have easy access to the main compartment. Goes where other walkers … It has the same advantages as a mountain bike has to cyclists and you can head for green areas, walking paths, exercise trails and the forest. Trionic offers the best outdoor walkers, rollators, and walking aids. ATB — All-Terrain-Brakes for an optimal safety. With the Veloped Jakt's off-road capacity and climbing wheel, you can easily overcome roots, gravel, rock and dirt on your way to the hunting ground. Want to deepen your knowledge further? At Trionic, you'll find premium rollators and wheeled walkers with pneumatic tires, rollators with hub brakes, and patented solutions like the Trionic Climbing Wheel and the Trionic Syncro Steering. A top elastic cord holds any extras. ATB — All-Terrain Brakes for optimal safety. It climbs curbs, roots, rocks and other obstacles with ease and turns cobbles, gravel, grass, snow and off-road trails into pure pleasure instead of a bumpy and unpleasant venture. Load up your Veloped Trek and head for exciting adventures. With its innovative and unique design, the Veloped is the state-of-the-art when it comes to support for walking, hiking and running. Read and Learn more about the Walker´s Unique Functions and Features, Read and Learn more about the Veloped´s Unique Functions and Features. The Walker rollator offers several unique and performance-enhancing functions and features: Trionic offers you 3 Walker models that have different-sized wheels; • 9"/23 cm     • 12"/31 cm     • 14"/36 cm. It also has a CE mark. Depending on your preferred areas of use, you can choose between 3 different models; We support you along your way to an active and mobile future. Only a 3-wheeler design, with 3 points of support, offers permanent ground contact and true off-road driving characteristics on rough ground. The pivoting link arm also provides suspension. Learn more about the only truly offroad capable premium rollator, Explore the different options available for optimizing the Veloped to your needs, Learn all about the unique features of this modern alternative rollator, The biggest differece between the different rollator models are in the textiles. The Veloped Tour also comes with a practical rain cover that protects the basket and seat. The climbing capacity is enhanced even more through an angled link arm that uses the pushing force provided by the user. It also has a CE mark. The seat cover, basket, seat bag and backpack are made from sturdy and water-repellent 600Dpolyester, with reflective lining for safety when walking in traffic at night. Thanks to its clever design, the function of the Trionic Syncro Steering doesn’t get affected when you fold and unfold the rollator. The roomy basket loads your groceries from the supermarket, and bringing them home is a joy with all the benefits of the climbing wheel and air-pressured tires. On uneven ground it constantly pivots and suspends the ride. We offer... A Beach Rollator Beach Conversion Kits for walkers. The Walkers have 9"/23 cm, 12"/31 cm or 14"/36 cm big front- and rear wheels as standard, all depending on the chosen model. The rifle bag, that attaches to the main frame, relieves your back, and the seat is very practical when waiting for your prey. Choose 12" or 14" wheels with pneumatic tires and adjustable suspension system allow the TRiONiC to go anywhere. Overcoming obstacles like curbs, roots and rocks is a very common problem among rollator users. When walking on uneven ground with a 4-wheeled rollator, sooner or later one of the swivel wheels loses contact with the ground, starts shimmying and regains its contact with the ground in a skewed position. This machine makes you walk longer distances at a quicker pace and with greater ease! Then the Walker 12er will be your faithful companion when you are heading outdoors. Watch the video and you'll see how calm and controlled the Walker rolls along cobblestones, when compared with the harsh and uncomfortable ride of a conventional rollator! Stay in the game and do yourself a favour by walking the golf course instead of riding an electric golf cart. Trionic Veloped and Walker rollators promote activity and quality of life. For maximum health and fat burn effect, the ideal pulse rate is 55-70% of your maximum heart rate. An additional central pulley guarantees that you will enjoy the same type of steering that your car offers, called the “Ackermann Steering Geometry”.


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