Yep, "the Hydro Flask comes in growler size, 64 ounces," Korynn affirms. Popular Mechanics would like to remind you that the vacuum technology, which Hydro Flask uses, is more than 100 years old and was first introduced by Stanley Thermos (yes, that Thermos). SOLVED. Tailored tools specific to the brand are used to create a particular product. But are Hydro Flask bottles THE most expensive bottles on the market? Temps are diving down at the moment, but what about the rest of the nation?! So get your own Hydro Flask today--I'll be right behind you. Another thing that makes Hydro Flask stand apart from other water bottles on the market is their amazing color options. It means that even when you are traveling for a long time under the sun, the water will always be refreshing cold. Also known as vacuum technology, "nothing" is what keeps cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot for the time that it does. In a nutshell, yes, I absolutely recommend Hydro Flasks. It's pretty much a tie. So, why are Hydro Flask bottles more expensive? There are plenty of other water bottles out there with a cheaper price tag. Most have multiple--MULTIPLE--of the same product. It is a story about the convergence of several cultural threads: tension about the environment, a surge in attention to self-care and wellness, and the simple desire to preserve warm liquids warm and cold liquids cold. This helps drive sales in the younger demographic and then parents are also likely to buy their own Hydro Flasks once the kids get them. To know more about those features, let’s dive in. The fresh carry system allows the beer to stay carbonated for a long time, and you can get rid of the smell for other beverages as well. The vacuum-sealing technology, paired with the durable exterior coloring, are two factors that up the price point of the product itself. And what about our hot beverages? They created caps using a honeycomb pattern and steel lugs that allowed the bottle to hold its inner temperatures more competently. They are constantly releasing new colors and even gradient colored bottles that instantly become trendy. Whether you are going to the gym or for a walk, this product is worth every penny you spend on it. But here's why I'm in love with my Hydro Flask. Also, it’s far vital to keep in mind that you need to maintain your body hydrated. So, how long is "hours," you ask? But after proving their product worked, by sending them in the mail full of ice or sale reps leaving them at the stores telling the owners to call them once the ice had melted, the bottles started to sell. Hydro Flask continue to innovate on their water bottles. Eventually the product reached ultimate hype when school kids and college students starting seeing them as a status symbol and a “must have” item. This is impressive, since with most water holders the ice will melt the second you leave the house. But here's why I'm in love with my Hydro Flask. They're pops of bright color found on office desks, in students' backpacks, in gyms, and in the great outdoors. No sweating on the outside. The reasons mentioned above such as updated Thermos technology make the Hydro Flasks so expensive. I use, sigh, a water bottle. We've all heard of the Thermos, a vacuum insulated container that can keep food hot. Buying Textbooks from Chegg: Is Chegg Worth it? They are even now making coolers (click here for my Hydro Flask cooler review) and they are making food flasks, hydration backpacks and different apparel. Getting the right one in a market with various options is a time-consuming task. Shea: invisible Hydro Flask. because idiots are willing to pay that price for the prestige of carrying a "hydro flask" instead of a water bottle, which is the same thing but only costs $2. Hydro Flask coolers are expensive because they have good branding and can charge a premium for that. Most weekends you’ll find me on the beach somewhere, but when I’m not I’m reviewing the best gear to keep your food and drink cold while you’re on your adventures. Hydro Flask’s feature vacuum-insulated stainless steel. I must admit I was also excited to show people how cool it was. However, I literally use it 24-7. What Hydro Flask wanted was to become known for keeping cool beverages cold. Technology and innovation aside, Hydro Flask does more than just keep beverages cold and drinkable for 24 hours. Hydro Flask were one of the first insulated reusable bottles to launch and as they grew in popularity so did the movement towards reusable products and the movement away from plastic. Learn more about me and The Cooler Box. You can be assured we only choose the best products...-, Hydro Flask updated the Thermos technology. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a water bottle if the lid doesn't close properly and it leaks water everywhere. After seeing the creative department showcasing their Hydro Flasks on their desks and brandishing them during an 11 a.m. chair swivel, I had to ask... "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL GUYS?!" Updated Thermos technology is one of the primary reasons. At a time when bottled water has become an environmental luxury none of us can afford, paying up to $60 to permanently avoid the purchase single-use plastic bottles of water makes a durable Hydro Flask seem like an almost cheap, worthwhile investment, especially considering that a Hydro Flask will last far longer than cheaper options. Hydros are also able to keep hot items hot throughout the day. They permit us to preserve our water at temperatures we’re maximumly likely to need to guzzle. The team revealed the best feature of all: "You can do a great Bane impersonation talking into your Hydro Flask when it's empty." Hydro Flask are the premium brand in the market and people are willing to pay extra for a Hydro Flask bottle for this reason. You can use it for tea, hot chocolate, and other hot beverages as well. 3 months ago. The Hydro Flask will keep things so cool that even ice will not melt for hours. They HAD to take it to school and they were excited to show all their friends. u/3lminst3r. This is a tried and true test my friends. They have always offered bright and fun colors which appeal to a younger demographic as well as more subtle colors that appeal to outdoor adventurers and adults. No hassle for you and no more thinking that water will spill in your bag. This post contains affiliate links. Learn how Hydro Flask became so popular. Holabird Sports sells Hydro Flasks in-store and online in a variety of sizes and colors. Plus, the high-grade stainless steel material used is essentially unbreakable, it doesn’t impart bizarre flavors to the water. The apparent reason for people to buy this bottle is a large size and easy to carry handle. You're saying I can fill a Hydro Flask with iced coffee at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday, and come back into the office Wednesday at 9 a.m., take a swig and not want to spit it out? This hasn't been accomplished by Hydro Flask doing amazing marketing campaigns, but the product has spread like wildfire through word of mouth and then school kids and college students took a liking to the bottles and started customizing them and creating an even bigger trend. "With Millennials, fitness and health are themselves signals," says NYU marketing professor Tülin Erdem (via The Atlantic). If the bottle has a vacuum it's the vacuum that is doing the job, not the metal. What do I have? It keeps my stuff cold for a very, very, VERY long time." They are also one of the most popular even though they aren't the cheapest.


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