Sometime after Kite Dueled Mizar, Kite ordered Orbital 7 to find out more about the Barians.During the course of research while flying around the city, a plastic bag flew into his vision, which caused him to crash into a nearby park fountain. The series originally aired in Japan between April 11, 2011 and September 24, 2012, consisting of 73 episodes. He asked Aster whether the Doktor could be controlling Yuya, and they decided to pursue them. [1], During the invasion Kite joined the Resistance and fought alongside Shay and Yuto. Voice Actors Characters TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions ... Yuma Tsukumo. Kite uses a "Cipher" Deck. He appears as the secondary antagonist during the World Duel Carnival arc. [3] Suspecting that Yuya, Gong, and Sylvio were Duel Academy Duelists, Kite immediately challenged Sylvio to a Duel. This article's edit history is not complete. [14] Kite made it to the top of the tower and found Shay with Lulu. voiced by Eli James and 3 others. [7], Yuya then activated the effect of "Odd-Eyes Rebellion" to Summon "Timebreaker Magician" and "Performapal Whim Witch" back to the field under Yuto's instructions. He was a famous professional Duelist in the Xyz Dimension's Heartland City before the invasion of Duel Academy, after which he becomes a member of the Resistance. Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh! [13], To his shock, Lulu changed and she pushed Kite off the tower. He learned that Yuya had become one with Yuri and returned to the form of "Supreme King Z-ARC". [29] Kite was pleased that Yuya won both Duels and he was sent to the Pendulum Dimension by Ray, where he witnessed her revival as Zuzu Boyle.[30]. Kite pointed out the dimensional rift showing Sora and Aster Dueling. Eli James is the English dub voice of Yuma Tsukumo in Yu-Gi-Oh! In order to free the sealed people, they would first have to retrieve the cards from Duel Academy, where the cards were sent. TV Show: Yu-Gi-Oh! He also refrained from sealing the Obelisk Force into cards after he defeated them. They found Yuya locked inside a cage, but wondered what was wrong with him and were blasted back by his synchronized awakening. Nelson tends to wear the same outfit as his Sparrow character, a white spandex body suit with matching boots with different shades of blue and yellow trimming. He caught up to Aster just as he reached Yugo, Yuri, and the defeated Sora Perse and they both joined the Duel, receiving the intrusion penalty, prompting Yugo to turn hostile and oppose them. Kite told them not to get in his way and sealed the Duel Academy Duelists into cards despite their pleas to be spared. Kite also felt Aster's sincerity to help them as Aster realized the same thing, so the former Commander-in-Chief came to atone for his sin. [1][2] He was a rival of Shay Obsidian,[2] who attended Heartland Duel School's Spade Branch. Yusho explained that Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri were actually fragments of a demonic Duelist named Z-ARC, and that they were trying to revive him by becoming one. Shay, Allen, and Saya interrupted the Duel and cleared up the misunderstanding as Shay revealed that Yuya, Sylvio and Gong were his comrades. Kite's design is largely unchanged from his appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! Kite chided him for claiming the Action Cards represented his new comrades and that the move failing must mean his comrades will fail too. Aster reassured Kite that it was fine and took up the role of trying to get through to Yugo, explaining to Kite that there was still hope for Yugo after Yugo responded to the mention of Rin's name. Kite wears a black trench coat with a high collar over a grey shirt and white pants with black boots. During his time as a student at the Clover Branch, Kite wore the outfit that he wore in his youth in ZEXAL; a light pink shirt, brown pants, and braces attached to his belt, and he also used a normal Xyz Dimension Duel Disk. VOICE ACTOR (ENGLISH): Christopher Kromer. Kite decided that these unknown techniques meant that the Lancers were invaders from another dimension and thus enemies of Heartland and he defeated both of them with the power of "Cipher Dragon". Yugo appeared, and Kite pinned him to the ground, as he thought that Yugo was a Fusion follower. Upon defeating three of them, Kite was found by Allen and Saya, who had been searching for him. However, the hardships he faced changed this, and though Yuto still describes his style as dynamic, the subtlety had been replaced by ruthlessness. Bronk … He was originally a nice person, but when his brother Tenjou Haruto fell sick, Dr. Faker told him that it was due to the Number holders and the Astral World, thus Kaito turned evil trying to seek out the holder of The Emperor's Key which would lead him to Astral. He recalled how Yuya had saved the Xyz Dimension from the invasion of Duel Academy with his Dueling, noting that if Yuya and Yuto's hearts still remained, then he and Shay could talk to them through their Dueling. Yuma Tsukumo VOICE. When Dennis revealed the locations of Lulu and Rin, Kite watched in shock and yelled at Dennis to stop as he sealed himself into a card. He silently applauded at the end after Yuya won. Yu-Gi-Oh! Tori Meadows. He has light blue-grey eyes, pale skin and blonde hair that curls up in a point with a dark green spiked front and bangs. He’s a tough and intelligent Number Hunter, meaning that he’ll hunt you down and steal your Number Card… along with your soul! Zexal along with the anime film series Berserk: The Golden Age Arc and the animated film The Painting. In every outfit he wears, Yuma is always wearing the Emperor's Key around his neck, which is hung by a black string. Fortunately he spotted Shay's "Rise Falcon" and jumped on it. [20] Aster and Sora left separately to pursue Yuri, while Kite went to find Shay. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. Kite also uses cards like "Cipher Chain" and "Cipher Diffusion" to deal with multiple opponents at once. [7], Kite continued hunting Duel Academy Duelists. With the tokens eliminated, he used "Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Pursuit to Rank-Up "Cipher Dragon" into "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" and used the effect of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" to take control of Diana's "Moon Protector", then used "Galaxy-Eyes Nova" to revive "Cipher Dragon". franchise [11], Upon arriving in the Fusion Dimension, they found Zuzu cornered by Duel Academy soldiers.


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